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How to get rid of KINDEY stones?

Updated on April 21, 2015

After I had my second baby, I also got ... KIDNEY STONES!

Soon after I had my second baby I started to have problems with my kidneys. With my right one, to be exact.

Apparently it was all connected with too little liquid that I was drinking, while I was pregnant. I was on the toilets all of the time, because my baby was a big pressure on my bladder, so I tried not to drink a lot of fluid, so I could at least sleep at night.

Well, what a mistake!

So I "produced" a small kidney stone in my right kidney and I had a few attacks that also got me to a hospital! It had 8 millimeters! So, the stone was too little to be removed by doctors and big enough to cause pain!

First Aid with Kidney stones!
First Aid with Kidney stones! | Source

1. I drank a lot of Parsley tea! Yes! Parsley tea! Parsley is not good only for the soup, it has lots and lots of minerals and other good effects on your body if you drink tea made from it.

Parsley is also knows as Petroselinum crispus, and it contains Eugenol, essential oil. This essential oil is also a known anesthetic and antiseptic agent and it also reduces blood sugar. Parsley it's also great for your kidneys, because it cleans them and helps you get rid of kidney stones.

How to make tea from Parsley?

Just boil the water, put a handful of the plant in it, let it stand there for 5 to 7 minutes and the tea is ready. Drink it a few times a day.

Parseley! A great culinary and medicinal plant!
Parseley! A great culinary and medicinal plant! | Source

2. Lemons.

At first I squeezed them myself, but as you need to drink a lot of lemon juice, I found the alternative. I stared using essential oils. I use only natural oils, with all the certificates, so that you can drink them with no problems.

I use essential oils from Florihana and Doterra.

In 15 milliliters of the essentials Lemon oils is about 40 squeezed lemons! And you must drink at least 40 drops in a water per day.

3. Olive oil

My grandmother tolled me, that it also helps to put a few drops of lemon oil in one spoon of olive oil and you must consume that it in the morning on an empty stomach. So I also did that for a month.

4. I also made a warm patch with Eucalyptus essential oil on it and I put it on the kidney with contains stones. It helps a great deal.

5. Sports

I started up with sports again. It helps to run, jump and to be active. It all helps with the health in general and it also helps eliminated the kidney stones.

The results

After doing all that and sticking with simple diet (listed below), I had no more kidney stones on my next ultrasound! I was very happy to get rid of it, because you never know when the pain will start again. Now I am doing all I can never to have kidney stones again!

Did you have kidney stones? How did you get rid of them?

How did you get rid of your kidney stones?

See results

How to prevent getting kidney stones again?

1. Drink lots of fluids, especially water. Limit sugar sweetened drink, or just not drink them at all.

2. Limit the drinking of alcohol (it increase uric levels in the blood) and coffee, because it can lead to dehydration.

2. Be careful what you eat.

The diet depends on what kind of kidney stones you had (or have). But in general it helps:

- to limit sugar sweetened food

- the reduction of animal protein

- eat more fruits and vegetables

- don't eat salty food

Learn more about the diet and kidney stones here: STONES

How the kidney stones form? Watch this video and all will be clear!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I hope I never get kidney stones, but good tips for a healthy lifestyle in general :)


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