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How to get rid of Toothache ? -Your Teeth Demand Special Care

Updated on July 15, 2011

Your Teeth Demand Special Care

Being beautiful always implies a beautiful smile. And for this beautiful smile, clean pretty teeth without any decay are inevitable.

Main Reasons behind Tooth Decay:

Reasons for tooth decay are many; the main being excess consumption of food items that are likely to stick on to the teeth and gums, and lack of cleanliness. Caucus

How exactly does tooth decay takes place?

The main parts of tooth are enamel (the thick coating on tooth), dentil (the portion seen inside the enamel) and pulp (the part in the center of tooth made up of living connective tissues). During the first stages, the decay affects most probably the cells of the enamel and the dentil. This may result in sourness inside the mouth, especially when you have something cold. In course of time, the decay affects the pulp and leads to tooth ache. If the remnants of food stick on to the teeth, it reacts with the bacteria inside the mouth to form certain acids. If these acids cannot be neutralized by saliva, it comes into contact with enamel resulting in grave tooth decay.

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Teeth Demand Special Care
Teeth Demand Special Care

Treatment Methods for Tooth Decay:

Filling : If the cavity is not that big and if the tooth ache is not fatal, the first step to be done is to drill the decayed part of the tooth. Drilling helps in cleaning the decayed portion. Silver amalgam, composites having the same color of teeth etc. are usually used for filling the cavities.

When the decay spreads from the enamel to the dentil, certain sourness is felt inside the mouth. If the sourness is there and if the cavity is pretty big, a basement is always applied. To avoid sourness caused by worn out teeth, it is always advisable to use toothpaste containing fluoride potassium nitrate and strontium chloride. Tear and wear of tooth at locations close to the gum is called enamel abrasion. This can be filled using glass ionomer. To check out whether the pulp has gravely been affected, the cavity is at first temporarily filled using cement. If the pulp is not affected, and if there is no pain, filling can permanently be done after two weeks.

If the decay affects the pulp and if there is pain, take an x-ray at the earliest to diagnose and commence root canal therapy or root filling at the earliest. While doing root canal therapy, local anesthesia is given first; then the pulp cavity is opened and the dead pulp is removed. Further this cavity is filled. Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy demand crowning procedure as well; or else the teeth will wear away in the long run. If even root canal therapy can’t alleviate the pain and decay, the only way out is to pull away that tooth. 

Mouth Cancer:

The white blister called luko plakia, white and red blisters called submucus that appears on the inside wall of the cheeks and beneath the tongue, fibrosis etc. are the pre-runners of mouth cancer. If these can be diagnosed earlier, the probabilities of mouth cancer can efficiently be fought.

Some people have broken teeth; the broken edges will usually be very sharp. This can cause cuts and wounds inside the mouth that will end up as ulcers. These ulcers may stay long inside mouth causing pain and other inconveniences. These can even lead to precancerous lesions. If the edges of artificial teeth are sharp, they will rub against the cheek walls. This too can lead to precancerous lesions. Accidental bites that bring about cuts and wounds inside the mouth and tongue too can be cancerous, at times. If not properly taken care of, mouth cancer can turn out to be fatal. So if you spot any discolorations or blisters inside the mouth, consult a doctor at the earliest. Sharp broken edges need to be filed properly.

Wisdom tooth and Pain:

Wisdom teeth are the last to arrive. If decay affects the wisdom teeth, chances are there that the adjacent organs too will experience pain. This is called ‘referred pain’.  This may bring about intolerable Otalgia (earache), head ache, seething pain in eyes, sore throat etc. Sinusitis and tonsillitis will usually accompany. When these inconveniences arise, consult a dentist.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is done when the veins inside the teeth and the related arteries get damaged beyond repair. When the decay affects the pulp causing infection, strokes or blows that the teeth encounter, broken teeth etc. are other situations that demand root canaling. To protect the tooth, cap too should be placed after root canaling. Root canal treatment may long for one to three times.

If root canaling is to be done prior to the shedding of milk teeth, dead veins can be removed from the root canal, can be made bacteria free and can be protected by making use of corrosion efficient substances like zinc oxide eugenol.

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