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How to get rid of canker sores? Preventing the painful mouth ulcer through Indian gooseberry

Updated on April 12, 2013
Homemade Indian Gooseberry jam
Homemade Indian Gooseberry jam

Gooseberry, the best remedy for mouth ulcer

My child happened to get a canker sore in his mouth. The toddler was in immense pain and did not eat for almost one week. Fever accompanies the canker sore and the child was quite restless. The B-complex syrup prescribed by the pediatrician helped my child get rid of canker sore. However, I did find a permanent solution for canker sore through the nutritious Indian gooseberry.

Gooseberry jam or tonic, a wonderful health mix

Indian gooseberry is otherwise called amla (in hindi), nellikka (in Malayalam) and nellikkai in tamil). I began giving my child health tonic made of Indian gooseberry. I found that eating gooseberry would completely prevent canker sores. I prepared gooseberry tonic for my child and gave him one teaspoon of gooseberry tonic twice a day. Cook gooseberry in steam and separate the flesh and seed. Now take the cooked gooseberry flesh and add equal amount of jaggery to it. Jaggery should be added in liquid form. Add jaggery to boiling water and let it melt by boiling it further. Keep in stove till the jaggery gets fully melted. This liquid jaggery (sarkara pani in Malayalam and tamil) should be mixed with cooked gooseberry. Now boil little ghee and add this jagggery gooseberry mix to it. Fry till liquid gets melted off. Cook it till the mixture gets the consistency of a jam. If you want spices you can add cardamom and dry ginger to it.

This tonic can also be used as jam also. Kids can be given this gooseberry jam with bread. Eating gooseberry tonic daily would protect the child from variety of diseases. Gooseberry is not available in all season. When gooseberry is available in plenty you can prepare tonic and use it throughout the year.

Gooseberry tonic improves immunity in adults and kids

Gooseberry tonic is a wonderful remedy for canker sores. Adults can eat gooseberry as such. Raw gooseberry is the best way of eating gooseberry. You can also put raw gooseberry in water (boiled and cooled water, boil water and bring it to cool) and add salt so that gooseberry would become soft and salty. This version of gooseberry is very tasty.

Eating gooseberry would fully prevent canker sores. This is from my personal experience. Vitamin C in gooseberry can protect you from variety of diseases like canker sores. Use of Indian gooseberry improved my child’s immunity power also. He has never faced canker sores after he began taking gooseberry tonic.

Indian gooseberry
Indian gooseberry

Gooseberry Wine – a medicine for adult canker sore

Adults can have a gooseberry drink regularly so that better immunity is achieved. Gooseberry drink is an excellent food supplement for diabetes and high blood pressure patients. Gooseberry wine can be prepared when gooseberry is abundantly available. I will explain how to prepare gooseberry wine.

Gooseberry wine recipe

Take 1 kilogram (or whatever amount you need) of Indian gooseberry and equal amount of jaggery. For 2 kilograms of gooseberry 2 kilogram of jaggery is needed. Wash gooseberry with water and rub it with clean cloth. Now take a jar. Jar should be clean and dry. Jaggery should be as flakes. You should scrub jaggery with knife, cutting it as flakes. Now put small amount of gooseberry into it (whole gooseberry, do not cut into pieces). Over the gooseberry, put little amount of jaggery. Again put gooseberry, followed by jaggery. Put jaggery flakes and gooseberry in layers. Put cardamom powder and nutmeg powder at the top of the mixture. When you finished putting jaggery and gooseberry, cover the jar with airtight lid. Now keep it in cool place. Everyday shake the bottle and keep it back. Likewise do it for 40 days. After 40 days you can find gooseberry wine settled at the bottom of the jar and gooseberry lifted to the surface of the wine. Gooseberry will float at the top. Now you can take the wine and have it. The gooseberry can also be eaten. The gooseberry from the wine would be very tasty also. Taking gooseberry wine at least three times a week would help you keep canker sore at bay.


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    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 4 years ago

      Happy to see ur comment MsDora..thanks for sharing the hub

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      dhannyya 4 years ago

      Thanks for finding time to comment always exploring

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      dhannyya 4 years ago

      Thank you billybuc for the comment.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Voted Up! Thank you for sharing. Your gooseberry doesn't look the same as ours--maybe a different specie; but I hope ours is just as good.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is very helpful information. I have had this problem before..Thank you for sharing...

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Great suggestions for a recurring and annoying problem. Thank you!