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How to get rid of flabby arms

Updated on June 16, 2012

Why that area?

Women and men get fat deposits in different areas. Men gain weight mainly around the stomach area while women tend to gain weight in the thighs, buttocks, stomach and arms. There are women to tend to hide their legs even in hot weather with appropriate clothes, e.g. pants, leggings, long skirts or dresses however flabby arms are not so easy to hide.

The part of the arms which contain the most fat is the part at the back which is the triceps. Men have more developed triceps and the muscle group can naturally burn off surrounding fat during everyday activities, however the muscles in woman's arms are generally not as developed.

It is important to understand that to pinpoint such a area like the triceps it is essential that that particular area needs to be worked. Dieting and cardiovascular work may help overall weight loss but areas like the arms will have very little change.

Nicely toned arms

There are a lot of men who actually have a preference to toned arms rather than nice legs. Having nice legs could be simply genetics is some cases however nicely toned arms always gives off a very healthy sporty look.Having too much muscle is not very attractive to most people, so heavy weight training will not be necessary.The idea is simply to burn the surrounding far doing repetitive exercises.

Arm toning exercises

The working which targets this area is Triceps curls. See below for some examples:

1. Standing with the dumbbell raised above your head curl the dumbbell down toward the middle of your back. Do around 8-10 reps with alternating arms for around 3-4 sets. Please note this can also be done sitting.

2. Lean forward around 50-60 degrees and support yourself with one hand. Hold the dumbbell with the other hand at a 90 degrees angle. One rep will consist of extending the arm behind you. Do around 8-10 reps with alternating arms for around 3-4 sets.

3. Using a barbell - This requires a barbell and a bench. Lie facing up on the bench and hold a barbell behind your head with your arms bent. One rep with be straightening the arms above the head. This is to be repeating as per the above examples.

Another very important exercise which a lot of people don't consider is the bench press. The bench press is important because not only does it work the chest but it works the triceps also. The chest and triceps are muscle groups which work together and support each other.

The importance

Most most can easily get away with hiding their legs in the summer with tights, spats or pants however it will also be difficult to cover up your arms in the same way which is why toning up the arm is quite beneficial.


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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 5 years ago from Japan

      Definitly worth a try.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      I might try this! I have a friend that will love this!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      At my age things seem to get a bit more jiggley than when I was younger. Will have to start paying attention to exercises like this. Thanks for the tips.