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How to get rid of forehead wrinkles

Updated on November 12, 2014

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. The skin gets its elasticity, structural integrity, and strength from elastin and collagen. With increasing age, the production of elastin and collagen reduces and results in wrinkles.

Young as well as old people can develop forehead wrinkles. The young experience ‘dynamic’ wrinkles which appear when smiling or frowning and vanish as soon as they stop expressing that particular emotion. However, with the passage of time the skin loses its elasticity and the wrinkles tend to stay put instead of the skin springing back to its original position. Such permanent grooves seen in older people are known as ‘static wrinkles.’

Forehead wrinkles can appear vertically, usually between the eyebrows, or horizontally and run across the forehead. There are several medical and natural ways to get rid of forehead wrinkles, as discussed below.

Causes of forehead wrinkles

Besides aging, some of the common causes of forehead wrinkles are listed below:

  • Long-term exposure to the UV rays of sunlight is one of the foremost causes of forehead wrinkles.
  • The skin’s health is dependent on the quantity of vitamin E present. The skin can deteriorate if this vital nutrient is lost or present in reduced amounts, ultimately leading to formation of skin folds and forehead wrinkles.
  • Smokers are prone to premature wrinkling, especially on the face.
  • Air pollution is another common cause of forehead wrinkles. The face is under constant attack from air pollutants, dust, environmental chemicals, and intense lights that damage the skin and eventually cause wrinkles.
  • People who rapidly lose weight tend to have sagging skin. Such skin is vulnerable to developing wrinkles.
  • Poor nutrition can lead to formation of forehead wrinkles at a very early age.
  • Some facial expressions, such as frowning or squinting, are more likely to cause fine lines on the forehead than other expressions.

Treatment of forehead wrinkles

Follow the guidelines given below to get rid of forehead wrinkles:

  • Cosmetic surgery, Botox, and other medical procedures:
    • People who want to quickly get rid of forehead wrinkles can go for a facelift.
    • Fine lines and creases can be smoothed via Botox injections. This procedure causes the muscles on the forehead to get paralyzed, albeit temporarily. The skin appears smoother as the muscle movements are restricted.
    • Collagen injections or dermal fillers can help eliminate deep folds and wrinkles on the skin.
    • Flaky wrinkled skin can be removed with the help of chemical peels.
    • Anti-wrinkle creams: Visit a dermatologist to get rid of prominent forehead wrinkles. The doctor will prescribe anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams containing hydroxy acids. The acids help remove the upper skin layers, while other cream ingredients encourage the development of new skin cells.Skin creams with Retin-A or other medicines can assist in partially getting rid of forehead wrinkles.It is recommended to only use the products prescribed by the doctor.
    • Homemade anti-wrinkle creams: People with mild cases of forehead wrinkles can prepare their own anti-wrinkle cream to get rid of the ugly creases. To make anti-wrinkle creams at home take a small bowl, dissolve 1.4 tsp. of alum in 2 tsp. of orange water flower, and then add 3 tsp. of gelatin into it. After the solution becomes soft, add a quarter cup of glycerin and cook the mixture at low heat in a double boiler.After the gelatin completely dissolves, add 1 cup of lanolin, ¼ tsp. tincture, and ¼ tsp. camphor spirit, one by one. Keep stirring till all the ingredients blend fully.Remove from heat and beat the batter with an electric mixer till it turns fluffy and cool. Store the cream in an air-tight jar and use every night.
    • Quit smoking: Elastin and collagen are damaged by the chemicals occurring in tobacco. Smoking also causes the epidermal blood vessels to narrow leading to reduced blood flow to the skin. Long term smokers are at increased risk to sagging of the facial skin and developing deep wrinkles. Quitting smoking can reduce the extent of skin damage and premature aging of the skin. Quitting smoking may also help get rid of forehead wrinkles.
    • Avoid excessive contact with sunlight: Prolonged contact with sunlight can not only cause rough patches of skin and skin darkening, but can also lead to loss of elastin and collagen thereby resulting in premature aging of the skin. Hence, apply a sunscreen with adequate SPF strength as well as use protective gear such as sunglasses, hats, etc. when venturing outdoors. Using a moisturizer at all times and drinking lots of water can also help prevent dry skin and formation of forehead wrinkles.
    • Facial exercises: Regularly performing facial exercises can also help get rid of forehead wrinkles as well as creases on other areas of the face. One simple facial exercise is: Use the thumb and the index finger to gently grip the brow bone. Now lift the eyebrows using the brow muscles while simultaneously applying mild pressure via the fingers to push down the eyebrows. Another exercise involves just raising the eyebrows as high as possible as if you were surprised.It may also be noted that meditation, yoga, running, gym workouts, and other exercises help improve blood circulation which in turn promotes a healthier skin, which in turn can help get rid of forehead wrinkles.
    • Home remedies: Some home remedies to get rid of forehead wrinkles are listed below:
      • Intake of a healthy and balanced diet full of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals, leafy green vegetables, and fruits.
      • A mixture of lemon juice, contents of 2 vitamin E capsules, and yogurt can be applied on the forehead to eliminate wrinkles.
      • Use face packs. You can make one at home by thoroughly mixing 1tsp. of orange juice, 1 spoon of raspberry juice, 1 tsp. of olive oil, 2 tbsp. of ground oatmeal, and whipped egg yolks. Apply the paste on the entire face and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Then wash with warm water.
      • The skin will become soft and supple with the use of honey, aloe vera, almond oil, castor oil, or olive oil.
      • Use a paste made from 2 tsp. of rose water, 1 egg white, and 2 tsp. of glycerin to get rid of forehead wrinkles.
      • Massaging a paste of rice powder and yogurt can also help get rid of forehead wrinkles.


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