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How to get rid of herpes?

Updated on December 19, 2012

Herpes Remedy

The number of people trying to get rid of herpes and looking for herpes remedy has increased many fold.If you are suffering from herpes or searching for genital or oral herpes cure ,you have lots of company.It is roughly estimated that one in twenty people of the world’s population suffer from genital herpes and seekherpes remedy.Herpes is a contagious sexually transmitted skin disease that spreads through unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner or through skin to skin contact.This disease is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV for short) and there are two types,namely genital herpes and oral herpes(cold sores) depending upon their location.If the infection appears in the mouth or lip it is known as oral herpes.If the infection is in the genital area ,it is known as genital herpes.Herpes can also possibly spread to other parts of body but it is rare

There are approximately 100 types of herpes viruses and out of these only 8 are found to affect humans.These 8 human herpes viruses are further divided into 3 main categories..They are Alpha herpes viruses,beta herpes viruses and gamma herpes viruses.Among these the alpha herpes viruses replicate rapidly hence spread quickly.The other beta and gamma herpes viruses replicate slowly hence spread slowly.All these types are similar in construction and remains in the host’s body after infection throughout the life of the host lying dormant at the nerve roots in the spinal cord getting activated by triggers such as stress,fatigue,fever.Once activated,the virus travels down the nerves to burst through the skin to form blisters and sores.This disease is rarely dangerous but causes pain,discomfort and anguish about being affected by a sexually transmitted disease.

Alpha herpes viruses are further subdivided into

  1. HSV-1,



Beta herpes viruses are subdivided into

1.Human herpes virus-6

2.Human herpes virus-7

3.Cytomegalo virus.

Gamma herpes virus are subdivided into

1.Human herpes virus-8 (also known as KSHV)

2.Epstein Barr viola virus.

The first attack is called the primary herpes that typically occurs after 2-11 days after infection and is severe in nature accompanied by appearance of painful red blisters in the genital area causing itching and burning ,fever,swollen lymp nodes near groin.Herpes is most painful and contagious during 24 to 48 hours of the attack when the sore are open.

After the blisters burst,crusts are formed over blisters causing a itchy rash for another week.After the primary attack for some people,the virus goes into dormant mode for years but for some it reoccurs quickly as often as once in a month.The virus causes extreme suffering for some but may be so mild on others that they may not even know that they are under herpes attack. Herpes can also be active without any symptoms and many people do not even know that they have herpes and these people act as carriers.

Modern western medicine does not have any herpes cure but treats only the symptoms to make them bearable.You must always be prepared for an attack and be on the look out for warning signals that precede an attack such as itching.Avoid the factors that trigger an attack such as stress.Be honest and take your sex partner into confidence about your condition.Pregnant women should take precautions not to have attacks during the late stages of pregnancy since it may be dangerous and life threatening to the baby if it gets infected but we can take comfort in the fact that very very rarely the infection is transferred to the baby from the infected mother.

Modern western medicine does not have herpes cure but alternative medicines may have effective answers to cure herpes and you will be pleasantly surprised and sometimes be amazed by the favorable and successful herpes remedy available through herbal medicine.Now it is easy to get rid of herpes the easy natural way.For more information visit the website below.



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    • peria1949 profile image

      Chandrasekaran Rajamani 7 years ago from chennai,india

      Hi Stacy Cox,

      Thanks for the input.


    • profile image

      Stacy Cox 7 years ago

      The solution for a pregnant woman who is about to give birth while having an outbreak is a C-section. This will prevent the virus from being transferred to the baby.