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How to get rid of the head lice naturally?

Updated on April 11, 2014

Causes And Symptoms

The unhygienic habits practiced by the children give rise to the birth of this blood - sucking scalp parasites. They tend to travel from person to person in any public places like schools, colleges, canteens, market places, etc. which is crowded and where people can come in close contact.

The presence of head lice can be investigated by the presence of red lesion on the scalp that marks its new feeding site, visibility of nits or the lice egg in the hair shafts, intensive itching, etc.

Prevention Strategies

  • Awareness: One should aware their children not to share their hats, combs, scarfs, cycle helmets, brushes, etc. with other children. Lice finds medium to spread and hence these materials might act as a medium.
  • Disinfect: once the lice treatment starts, the disinfection of materials used by the person should also be quickly started. Combs, brushes, hair bands, hats, etc. should all be washed effectively after being soaked in hot water further the pillows used by them, mattress, car seats, bicycle helmets, etc. all must be dry cleaned or cleaned as per the requirement.
  • Check: The heads of children should be checked daily. They are highly prone to lice and once infected, it is difficult to get rid of. Hence, daily check ups is ideal in order to prevent your child from any further sufferance and harassment.

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3 dangerous ways you can get head lice

  1. touching the head with an infected person’s head
  2. sharing personal items of someone having head lice
  3. using the fabric item after used by the infected person



The head lice can be effectively treated with the medicated shampoos and oils, such shampoos and oils contains pigments that temporarily faint or sometimes kills the lice. These dead or fainted lice shal not be left carelessly. In fact, with think combs or tweezers, they should be taken out in wet hair. Yes, the hair must be washed thoroughly in order to rinse off the bodies of lice from the head. Such medicated shampoos and oil is available in every medical or health store. This step helps in getting rid of the adult lice. Ensure that this procedure is to be followed thrice a week for almost two months or as per prescribed by the doctor.

Removal of nits or lice eggs

The most tiresome and time taking process is that of the removal of nits. The procedure might take up several hours. These nits stick to the hair strands and are difficult to remove. Such nits are possible to be remove by thin combs or tweezers.


Application of something acidic to your hair, such as that of vinegar , kills lice. Take up vinegar as per the requirement of the length of your hair, apply properly overall, keep it for few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The rinsing procedure would wash off the dead lice from the hair. Later change the clothes and comb with the special thin comb to order to comb off and bring out the left over lice body

Camphor therapy

Camphor is the strong element which helps in making the lice naturally unconscious. The application of powdered camphor along with the olive oil or coconut oil helps in diffusing the lice. This mixture should be kept in the hair for almost an hour or so and then washed thoroughly. Similar combing techniques as above are to be applied in this therapy as well for lice prevention.

Neem Therapy

Neem is a natural antiseptic which has multiple uses. Be it to get rid of dandruff, acne or lice, neem readily keeps up the efficiency to work and clean off the ailment. Fist full of neem leaves should be taken and boiled up in a container till the green pigment of the leaves turn the water cleans. This water must be used for washing off your life infected hair. This process must be followed thrice a week. These natural ways are completely free from side effects.

Mouthwash in use

Mouthwash contains ingredients that would help in easily reducing the amount of head lice and the troubles caused by it. The mouthwash liquid must be evenly applied into the hair as in it drips but not falls drastically. Then the head should be covered with a shower cap for two hours after which the cap must be removed and the hair must be thoroughly washed at least thrice. This procedure should not be repeated to often in terms of the hair prevention.

Though there are further natural treatments to cure lice infections and to get rid of lice such as tea tree oil treatment, aromatherapy, petroleum jelly, olive oil treatment, tub margarine, etc. but these are considered less effective in terms of lice treatment then the ones already mentioned initially in this article.


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