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How to get strong when everything is bad around you

Updated on September 30, 2015


Yes this is absolutely and undoubtedly crucial. Set a goal for each day or each part of the day if you want to break the task into many tasks too.

Here you can try to increase the amount of work since this step can benefit you in increasing your portfolio of work and also keeps you away from distraction.

Once you write the goal write it up in your planner or calendar or on your desktop or on your desk as a note.

This goal must be everything to you and keep this goal as a secret do not in any way reveal it to another person since it is your task and no one else needs to interfere.

This goal for each day must be completed efficiently.

For this you can even use other ideas so that you complete each task.

For ideas read my other article by clicking below link.

Unconventional fun ways to stay focussed on your work.

Remember this the first step and the most valuable one.

This step takes away your attention and mind to the correct direction.

The goal can be anything from writing some 30 articles or finishing a particular job related to your career.


This is also another good step since this one sets you hooked for a whole week and you are well on your way to achieving something substantial instead of just waiting and dreaming.



Once you finish step one and two realize that you are on the right track and so give up self-loathing and self-pity for at least a few months.

This is to ensure that you start to be productive and leave behind any thoughts about quitting, addiction, depression and doubts.

You can remain steadily on your work by using external motivation like music.

In one article I have given links about some awe inspiring game music so that you work diligently.

Most inspiring game theme music ever made.

You need a planner or a Timetable big time

Google time planner at Scifoo
Google time planner at Scifoo | Source


If you feel you need medical help from a doctor don’t postpone it go and see your family doctor or a psychologists to evaluate your progression from sad to cheerful.

Whether it is the true state or you are artificial.

It is ok if you are artificial for a few days since the mind picks this signal pretty fast and obliges to your new method with a sly smile. HA Ha.

Be sure that you remain in this state for some years.


Be neat, healthy, clean and punctual all the time. This will boost not just your morale but also the morale of others around you. Now you will realise that you are not on the previous track.

Use inspiration from around you to get on with your work adamantly.

I have written another article about easy ways to stay inspired using youtube videos, click below link to read it.

Best youtube videos to inspire you.

For extra punch get inspired by movies like Undisputed 3 and Ulees Gold.

Find the review to these movies in the below links.

Get inspired by Yuri from action movie Undisputed 3 - Link.

Ulees Gold a movie about an intelligent man in a stubborn world - Link.


Be real stubborn about your hourly goal and daily goal and weekly ones. These are the real game changers not the nay sayers and leg pulling crap people who talk nonsense for their whole miserable lives.

Ha Ha. Yes! just throw them out of your life or concentrate on your locus of control.

Your actions towards your goals will put them in misery and darkness forever.

So don’t even mind them, after you have already made these first five steps.

Locus of control should be in your absolute hands.

I have written deeply about Locus of control in another article click here to read here.

Locus of control concept and its advantages.


RECORD YOUR WORK write it twice so that you remember!

Your work any goal or accomplishment must be recorded and the best way to do that will be to write a blog about it everyday or post photos about your daily goals on net like on facebook, pinterest, hubpages, twitter(absolutely), flickr, Google Plus and tumblr.

This will keep all record of the work you did online and you can take printouts whenever you want, hurrah!

Isn’t this the best way ahead?


This step will give you a feel of let go and becoming stronger.

The people around will be confused as to how you became robust all of a sudden.

Cheerful people attract other cheerful people and this is a chain of reaction that is good.

There are people waiting to say some negative remark in that case take at as a self improvement tool and not as a hurt.

This is very important most of us get hurt by these words by our family, friends or co-workers, but in actuality these are only distracting actions.

Getting hurt means you are allowing your whole life to go astray and delve into procrastination.

This means your goals will need more time which is not a great idea.

Don't push your goals for another day!

Instead move away from the distraction or person for a few minutes and think properly, about your goals, the other important stuff in your life and forget the incident.

Remember this approach needs practice and a stone heart since you need to prioritize your goals over other people and their hurtful words.

Wherever you go people shall try words actions and other distractions to get you away from your goals, this is an unfortunate human behavior that is here to stay.

Therefore what you ideally do is forget the incident and carry on with the job at hand.

In other words forget the person or people and take up the goal.

Remember your goals are more important than those people.

People will come and go in your life but not the time for completing the goals.

So ideally forget the incidents totally try to improve your skills if that is waht they meant or best complete the goals.

Launch a massive international quest for example go for a marathon or a popular TV game show so that people will understand that you are more focused on your life rather than on theirs.

Once you prove to yourself that you are a worthy champion you don't need approval from others.

At the same time do not be harsh to indifferent or evil people.

Instead be cheerful like have a sophisticated air upon yourself like there is no way there actions can do anything to your goals or life.

This will put the scent off those dogs.

Once you prove that you are better off than them since you have completed the goals then you build your self-respect inside you and the more self respect you have the more patiently you shall complete the goals without even wasting time on distractions.

So be cheerful to others because ultimately it is good for you. Ha ha got it?

Procrastination can ruin us so learn to beat it - Robin Sharma Style

How do you plan to beat procrastination or irrelevant thinking

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