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How to get the most out of your Sketcher's Shape-ups.

Updated on December 2, 2009


How to get the most out of your new shoes

In 2006, an orthopedic specalist fit me in a pair of MBT shoes. Because of my various medical problems, my overall posture and muscle tone was horrific and he gaurenteed that these shoes would help me out. But even with insurance, I could not afford them.

3 years later, still carrying around the hope that those MBT shoes had to offer ( and several physical therapy sessions later) Sketcher's Shape-ups came to my local shopping center.Yes, they were expencive, but I HAD to give them a shot. It was worth it.

Now I will state that these shoes are not everyday walking shoes. I would never reccommend going to work in these within the first few months. The key is to start slow. 5- 10 minutes a day for the first three days, then increase at a comfortable rate. They are designed to give your feet the motion of walking on sand, a movement that requires the use of almost every muscle from your toes to your neck, forcing you to continually readjust your body to gain its center of balance.

But the benifits of these shoes are amazing. You start to notice better movement in your ankles right away. As time goes on your posture improves to a much more natural state. Your muscles get stronger and your legs become more attractive. It tones your backside, tightens your abdomen, lessens the love handles, and even helps with toning in the upper torso. Don't believe Sketcher's shoes can do all of this?

Take a look at people who walk at least 30 minutes a day. Those who walk on the beach become toned fasted than those who walk on flat, solid ground. The upper body of those who walk on sand is even more toned than that of someone who walks on flat ground, because the shoulders and back are working harder. Sketcher's Shape-ups simulate that movement and feel and will get results faster than walking on a treadmill everyday.

Yes, Sketcher's are on the pricier side for shoes, but they make up for it. 

They are a way to have access to quality fitness 24/7 without paying a membership fee.

It does the same for your body as an elliptical would, at a lower price and you don't have to schedule time to use them.

You can wear sketchers shape-ups while running errands.

You can wear them around the house.(just make sure to use the hand rails if going up or down stairs)

And to top it off the newer models are much more stylish.


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