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How to get whatever u want by Mind control

Updated on April 18, 2010

Mind Control is everything

                People wonder why God has given all the good things in life for some and if not all the bad things at least enough bad things  for them to ponder and worry about almost all through the day. They curse him for not giving them what they wanted when their friends or neighbours have the same thing or get the same thing without any effort on their part.Well it sounds fair and a very common factor to be found all around us.

  1.                Have anyone of these people ever thought that God has nothing to do in them getting or not getting whatever things they wanted.In fact he has given all the knowledge and sources for us to have our own pie and to get whatever we like or however we want to live this life.

               Yes, God ,the almighty has given a precious and powerful tool which most of us never use in its rightful manner to have their likings.But the tool which he has given functions properly and without our effort it does its duty and lies dormant waiting for its master to tame it and reach his desired destinations and things which he loves the most but don't know how to get them. 

               Mind. This is the most powerful and useful tool God has given mankind for him to prosper and evolve through the ages and still in the process of evolving for many centuries to come.The mind has no limits of its own.Though we do not know the exact proportion of its power to do things it has been proved that its power is unlimited and it can link itself even to the remote parts of the universe to achieve its purpose when prepared in the proper manner. Scholars,scientists,actors,business magnets,world leaders,religious heads,magicians and all the famous and skilled people of this world have reached their heights by their effective use of their minds.

             How to use our mind effectively.How to control it when we cant even control our emotions or just to stop eating a chocolate on your desk.Well its easy when it is properly trained.Even our muscles do not work properly if we don't use it often .Our mind is made of still more complicated matter which is trained not by doing physical exercise but by suggestions.Proper words put in a proper manner and suggested to the mind repeatedly has the attention of the mind and it takes notices of the fact that this suggestion has to be performed or undergone and it works mysteriously in its own complex way and just gives us the result without involving us in its complicate tasks.

             Take a task or a thing to be achieved in a proper manner.Just choose the right words and put it in a simple sentence and start repeating the sentence often.The words you choose should be understandable by your brain.Always use positive expressions.Suppose you want to  stop your habit of eating too much. Just choose the words like "I control my urge of eating" or "I maintain my body by planning my food".Give also a planned time table of what food and in how quantity you are going to eat it.Repeat this also regularly and this should be repeated in a sincere and emotional manner.Try to picture yourself that you are already in the process of achieving this and put a mental picture often to your brain that you look slim or fit by doing this and see happy face in your mental picture.Try also to add some video shots like your girlfriend or boy friend or someone whom you respect or love is surprised by seeing you in your desired manner and feel the feeling of happiness and joy which you will attain when you really attain it.

               Repeat this video,picture and suggestions as often as you can and very soon you will find it like a miracle that you would be the person you wanted to be.Likewise you can select whatever likings or aims you want to have or achieve and plan the suggestion and mental pictures with videos and if possible give a time frame for everything and you will be astonished that you are also a successful person like any other person whom you have admired or astonished.Have a wonderful life !. 


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