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Updated on December 20, 2014

To understand how it operates.

Just to think I'm not just doing a half hearted job and not knowing what I'm doing, I can assure you I carefully and thoughtfully planned out my whole agenda. This profile hub page will be like a magazine as far as organization, what I mean by that is I will stick to the subjects and incorporate all of them in my publishing. For example: one page can be financial, while the other is spiritual all the while being published.


As a writer, I love to write and its my heart. Its my craft and its what I do, this is how I communicate to the world. I'm very shy, I have a lot to say and I want to connect with everyone and everyone know they have access to me. As a committed writer to my readers, publishing on a regular basis, of high quality substantial reading material is a satisfactory requirement and approval I shrive for from all of you. With that being said, I will work my hardest to be just as entertaining as I am informative.

My education story.

As you can pick up I seem like a pretty bright girl right? Well, my education is quite ambiguous and I will tell you a little bit about me so you know whether or not I'm good enough for your time. In grade school, I've always been a C student. However, placed in advanced classes. My problem was I wanted to do things my own way, I felt I was too smart for the system. To this day I still believe that. My mental illness broke out when I was 17, and it was a whirlwind of hospital visits. I went on independent study and graduated. Thinking I wasn't good enough for a UC I went to Junior College. I was very successful at first often passing classes without even buying textbooks. I got bored with school, I wanted to be interactive. The process was too slow and it was killing me. I had to share my knowledge, so here I am for your spare readings. I still stay sharp, don't get me wrong I read one scientific or educational book a week to keep me up to speed. So far I've read; The Power of Concentration, The Law of Attraction, Majesty of Calmness, The Awakening, The Mastery of Destiny, Your Invisible Power, Initiative Psychic Energy, Peace of Mind, and History of Egypt. I read those since mid October of this year, I'm very diligent about staying on track.

More of a reason to get more creative.


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