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How to grow old disgracefully

Updated on November 14, 2011

Growing up

As you will see from my profile picture, I am a forties something woman with what I call Peter Pan Syndrome. Basically, I just never grew up! In my photo, I am in a hardware store, posing with a cardboard cut out! That's me though - I like to have fun and have a laugh. My motto is live, love and laugh. Growing older doesn't mean that you have to dress frumpy, behave or act your age. Read on for my A-Z of how to grow old disgracefully:

"A" is for - age is just a number

Just because you're getting older, this doesn't mean you are done with fun. Don't get too hung up on your age, be proud of the fact that you're another year older and another year wiser.

"B" is for - behaviour

Act your shoe size and not your age. Your behaviour is what keeps you feeling young. I don't mean be bad, but as long as you're not hurting anyone, whats the problem?

"C" is for - clothes

So you have reached middle age or beyond, that's not reason to don derry boots and twin sets. Wear what you feel comfortable in and don't dress old.

"D" is for - don't give in

Life is for living, so don't just sit around in sensible slippers waiting for the grim reaper to pay you a visit. Get on with life and get out there. Join a few clubs, take up a new hobby, learn a new skill - do what you want to do.

"E" is for - enjoy

Every new day that dawns is your chance to make things happen. Enjoyment will make you happy and give you a positive outlook on life.

"F" is for - fun and friends

Fun, fun, fun is what it is all about. Stay in touch with your friends and meet up with them once a month or so.

"G" is for - growing up is overrated

No one says that because you are middle aged or beyond that you have to be responsible and be grown up all the time. Let your hair down and really go for it.

"H" is for - humour

Laughter is the best medicine and will do you so much good.

"I" is for - ideas

Come up with lots of ideas of things that you still want to do. Write out a list and work your way through them.

"J" is for - journey

Life is a journey and the path you choose determines how you live. Do you want to stay on the same course or do you want to meander all over the place and have different life experiences?

"K" is for - kiss

Put your lips to good use rather than using them to suck pureed food from a straw. Give it a try! Kissing is good for the soul, as well as being good exercise for the mouth.

"L" is for - live,love and laugh

Live life to the full. My late grandfather once told me "live each day as though it is your last." Love doing what you do and have a laugh along the way.

"M" is for - me time

Take some time out to pamper yourself and relax.

"N" is for - naughty

There is no fun in being good all the time. Reveal your naughty side occasionally, go on...... be a devil!

"O" is for - obeying rules

Rules are there to be broken. Obeying rules means that you miss out on all the fun.

P is for - party

Parties are for everyone, so let your hair down once in a while and dance the night away. Don't sit at home being a couch potato - get out and live it up.

Q is for - question mark ?

Don't leave anyone in any doubt about who you are. Be yourself, and not who you think you should be.

R is for - regrets

Try not to dwell on past situations that you have no control over. What's done is done, so move on and do what you need to do in the future. Don't create more regrets by not living in the present.

S is for sex

Just because you are in the middle of life or creeping towards your twilight years doesn't mean you have to become a nun and cover up. I'm not suggesting that you become promiscuous, but seize the moment.

T is for tattoos

So you're in your fifties and want a tattoo, there's nothing wrong with that if you want one. I've always wanted a smallish shooting star on my shoulder, but my fear of needles has always put me off. Who knows - maybe I will get one for Christmas!

U is for uneventful

Don't lead a boring life. You don't want to look back in 30 years time and say that your life was uneventful. Fill your life with the people you love and the things that you love to do. If you want to go sky diving at 70, then go for it!

V is for - viagra

One for the men - sometimes nature needs a helping hand in later life. That's all I have to say on this matter!

W is for - what if?

There's no use looking back and saying "what if." Try everything once and don't be afraid to try it. You never know the outcome until you do it. I never want to think back and imagine that things could have been better if I had tried harder or done things differently.

X is for eXercise

Being active is great for mind and body. Taking regular exercise will improve your mood, keep you fit, give you more energy and keep your weight down. This is especially important to combat the dreaded middle age spread.

Y is for - youthful

Your outlook on life has a big impact on how you feel. Just because you are approaching middle age or beyond, doesn't mean you need to think older. A positive mental attitude will do wonders for your mind and keep you feeling young. I feel like a 30 year old trapped in the body of a 46 year old! Help, let me out!

Z is for - zest

Have a genuine zest for life, grab it with both hands and embrace the changes you are faced with. This is one of my favourite quotes:

I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on. Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.

~Eleanor Roosevelt


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    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      Hi marwan. Thanks for the thumbs up. Always nice to hear from you. Happy holidays.

    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 

      6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      Thumbs up to you and you and you

    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      Well said Bernard, especially "look for the beauty in everything you see."

    • sunkentreasure profile image


      6 years ago from RUIMSIG, SOUTH AFRICA


      Look for the beauty

      in everything you see.

      Walk in peace

      showing kindness


      The secrets of success

      are motivation

      and dedication

      Happiness is

      what you make happen

      for yourself.

      Caring is

      going to the ends of the world

      for a stranger.

      Be useful with your life.

      Whatever you are doing

      put your whole

      being into it 100%

      Loving is

      pleasing your loved one everyday

      in a 1000 different ways.

      Control your mind

      you are its master

      Be in control.

      Live your life

      without hurting or


      Believe in yourself.

      Have respect for yourself.

      Walk through life

      always with a song.

      © Bernard Levine

    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      Hi Carrie, thanks for your kind comments. I like the saying about curiosity - it's very true. I hope I never lose my curiosity. Best wishes.

    • carriethomson profile image


      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hey nice one!! The title is especially catchy!! you might lose your vision, your teeth, your hearing but you grow old the moment you lose your curiosity- read it somewhere and though it to be so true. Voted up for your hub!!


      - loved your list from A 2 Z

    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      @ Movie Master - Nice to hear from you. I never want to grow up. I think having a youthful attitude to life keeps you young at heart. I'm not ready to conform just yet. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate you dropping by.

    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      @ stephaniedas - Thanks for your comments and the vote up. I know what you mean, I don't want to be old just yet, so I do what I can to stay young at heart. I'm not ready to give into middle age just yet.

    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      @ islandnurse - Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I totally agree with you, age is how old you think you are. My hair started to go grey when I was 30, and I've been dying it ever since. My daughter often says to me that my old woman hair is coming through and then I know its time for a trip to the hairdressers.

    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      @ mega1 - Thanks so much. You are right, I never thought of vitamins, although I do take them every morning. I was stuck on "v" for ages. It must be my memory going!!

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 

      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Had to laugh at 'seize the moment'!!!

      Like you, I am sure I have never grown up, nor do I want to!

      I love your list and I love the hub, brilliant!

    • stephaniedas profile image

      Stephanie Das 

      6 years ago from Miami, US

      Ha, this is great! I admire older men and women who haven't given in to society's idea of what they should be and still have their zeal, wit, and that knowing twinkle in their eyes that says "I know more than you and I love it". Voted up and beautiful!

    • islandnurse profile image


      6 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

      Great hub! I only feel my age when I first get out of bed in the morning or my daughter comments on all my grey hairs when I am due for highlights!! Age is truly relative, you are only as old as YOU think you are!

    • mega1 profile image


      6 years ago

      You don't look like you're in your 40s - really. And I think V should be for Vitamins - mega-vitamins :)

    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      @ gmwilliams - I'm glad to hear that you are partying and enjoying life. Age is just a number, and I believe that it is up to us to shape our own lives. Good for you. Party on!!

    • jacqui2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      Hi Don, thanks for your comment. The way I look at it is, we only get one chance at life (as far as I know) so we should live life to the full. Life's too short to be serious all the time. Thanks for stopping by.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      I love this hub. I live this life! I still disco and rock until dawn! I am just being alive. I am definitely not my mother's fifties, I am my own youthful fifties. Hear me roar with delight! Move and stroke on!

    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 

      6 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Witty! Great attitude for a wonderful life.


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