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How to handle infertility depression

Updated on July 27, 2013

Yearning for a baby

Carrying a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can enjoy.’- Jayne Mansfield

To hold a baby who is your own flesh and blood is the dream you cherish. It is the greatest moment in your life and you are fulfilled with happiness when you see the innocent face of your baby.But are all couples blessed with a baby? The sad thing is that there is an unfortunate section of couples who have to look towards medical help for a baby. Why is it so? It is because you see an increased cases of infertility nowadays.

However much you may love your spouse, your married life feels empty and lost without a baby of your own. The delay in conceiving causes intense emotional upheaval in your married life. What are the actual causes of infertility? Fast paced lifestyle,work related stress and tension, unhealthy junk foods you regularly eat are some of the causes for infertility in couples. These have a powerful effect in your capacity to conceive. There are some medical reasons also, but we are not going to look at the medical aspect of infertility, but at the emotional disturbance it causes in your marriage.

What are the disturbing aspects of infertility?

  1. You feel emotionally deprived.
  2. You are apprehensive that you might not have a baby.
  3. You look yearningly at couples with babies and consider yourself unlucky.
  4. You are worried about the expenses involved if you opt for artificial means of conceiving.

There are times when you become frustrated and blame yourself for not planning a family a little earlier. There is uneasy tension between the two of you and the unnecessary arguments you have with your spouse make you depressed. When you see other couples with children, the feeling of loss gets bigger and bigger. You are also worried that you might be medically unfit to have a baby.

How do deal with the emotional issues of infertility?

You should realize that the problem concerns both of you and so you should emotionally support each other. If on the other hand you alienate yourself from your spouse, it wrecks your married life in a very oppressive way. Who is more mentally disturbed because of this infertility issue? The agony is for both and so there should be unison of sharing as to what should be done to tackle the problem. There are some couples who feel stressed by the medical expenses involved and it is very true that the treatment is very expensive. So you should pool your money together to meet the medical expenditure involved.

Do not be concentrated on the thought of conceiving as any delay will make you even more tensed and stressed. You should have a frank talk with your physician and follow the advice he gives to the dot. The success always depends on the health condition of you and your spouse. With the latest advancement in medical science, there are lots of options available to choose from.

The medical tests, personal and intimate queries and the long wait for a good result might cause severe despondency in you. You should avoid being unhappy as this might have a telling effect on your efforts to conceive. The most nerve-racking aspect you face is the insensitive questions from friends and relatives who never feel that is not good manners to ask about the problem you are facing in not having a baby.

Another depressing factor is the loneliness you feel without a child. However loving and close you both might be, it is a child which gives your marriage true meaning and hold. He will be the anchor in your married life and you yearn for that tiny bundle of incredible happiness in your hands. When you see your friends or others with a baby you feel that you are unlucky in not having one.

It is now you should support each other and feel a sense of oneness in you. You both want a baby and so you should handle it together. If you separate for this reason, the years spent together become meaningless. You should jointly tackle this and with your love and the modern science combined together you too might become a proud parent.


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