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How to Handle Mental Health Well-Being as a Freelancer

Updated on September 2, 2020

Caring for your mental health is just as important to a freelancer as any profession or workplace. If you don't, there will be bad problems like anxiety, depression, or anger. Well, that's not good news. Especially because mental health issues are on the rise among very young people.

Freelancers and self-employed employees are a particularly vulnerable group. One of the reasons for this is that it works inside a deteriorated job environment. They include unlimited working hours, overwork, low job security, and repeated loneliness when working from home.

Below are the ways to take care of your mental health while pursuing a career in self-employment

Don't over-plan yourself

Our emotions are volatile, so you can't expect the same degree of efficiency every day. Here's a good thumb rule for planning: figure out how long and job is going to take on a good day. Wait twice for this to happen. This means that if the day gets worse, it doesn't affect any of the other things you're working on. If you feel like you are running out of time, let the customer know as soon as possible On a day where you can't function your brain, consider routine tasks that need less focus.

Defining your work environment

A self-employed job at home is a perfect opportunity to boost results. Working from home takes some preparation, but once you have set up, you can be more efficient during working hours. It is necessary to set up a dedicated work-space to meet your physical and mental needs.

If you work alone or live with your family or roommates, it is important to identify your workplace at home to avoid stress. Providing a well-designed yet relaxing work-space can be a good start to increasing efficiency and providing a separate area for sleeping or dining. A table in front of the window, a floor cushion in the corner of your living room, or a balcony desk is everything you need to increase your productivity.

Stay in touch

A unique lifestyle is a key draw for freelancers, but maintaining a humanitarian network remains crucial. And if there's nothing else, it's got a different point of view to show you that you need help when it's your turn.

Investing for self-care

To be independent means to have little or no freedom. Most freelancers forget about themselves because of all the stresses they have about running their own company and the constant stress that comes with it. But since you are the driving force behind your company, it's more important to manage your company, starting with personal care.

Commit to exercise regularly

Physical exercise activity is vital for good mental well-being. It's also a perfect excuse to get out of the door. Studies show that physical exercise can support people with mild depression and can also help prevent people from developing anxiety. It's much easier to stay confident and inspired when you feel good about your own body.

Set clear boundaries between your clients and yourself

It is necessary to work within our daily business hours. It's our job to set expectations for our clients, and we do this by contact and follow-up. Our behavior needs to focus on what we're doing because they're going to teach people what to expect from us.

Learn how to manage rejection

It's not every day that prospective customers are going to approve your pitch. Worse still, the rejection might come at a time when you're going through some kind of drought, and you don't even know how you're going to pay your next bills. OK, don't beat yourself, drown in negative thoughts and emotions. Instead, jump on a wave of pessimism and step on, keep on throwing before something happens. Remember that there are so many other freelancers that you're probably sending out pitches to the same clients.

Eat a nutritious meal

Freelancers can find themselves eating cakes. This is less likely to happen if you are working out of the room in a regular office. Studies have always shown that a healthy diet can be detrimental to your mental health and that a healthy diet can lead to less mental illness.


Meditation can be a very effective way of dealing with freelance stress. Studies have shown that meditation is very beneficial to mental health. Reducing stress levels caused by daily meditation practice can allow you to focus more on your job.

One of the basic principles of clear meditation is to breathe in and out. When you concentrate on your breathing, it helps you to let go of other thoughts and feelings, or for a while. The point of meditation is to understand what's going on in your body and mind. Although it takes time to build your focus, a few minutes of meditation can have relaxing effects.

Get some help

First of all, if you have any issues with your mental health, please ask for support. Know, you are not alone, and we have to live in a society that takes mental health and well-being seriously. Please don't be quiet, speak to friends, discuss groups on social networks, and chat privately with a stranger on social networks. A lot of people can give advice and listen to you, note that you are very nice and always present. It's a support service.

It's not easy to be a freelancer if you don't manage your time. Defining the working time and space in the first place is important for the prevention of self-stress. While it might seem difficult to do so, it is necessary to feel like you are physically in a separate working-hour setting and not to allow workflows into your non-working time.

Having healthy boundaries and spending some time consciously on your well-being will help you cope with low concentration and self-sufficient stress-induced depression.

© 2020 Meshack Muia


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