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How to have MORE Gratitude and make the World a Better Place.

Updated on April 8, 2017

Five Ways to Increase Gratitude Within your Heart

In today's world of constant information overflow, media bias towards reporting mostly bad news, and increasing acts of mayhem.

You need a refuge, within yourself, where you can build a full well of gratitude. Gratitude helps you to re-wire your thinking to look for the positive things in life, it increases your satisfaction with the things you have and not what you want, and allows you to see opportunities to enrich your life.

Here are five ways to increase your gratitude.

1. Every morning give thanks in your mind, or out loud, all the things you are grateful for. It can be everything from your health, to your shelter, to family, to whatever you are grateful for.

2. At the end of the day, review three things you were grateful especially for that day.

3. Journal or write down somewhere a particular moment of gratitude so you can relieve it in a memorable way.

4. Do acts of kindness throughout the day. The more random the better. Hold a door open for someone, call a friend to encourage them, or let some through in traffic.

5. Take 10 minutes to meditate, decompress, or sit still away from any distraction. Rinse and Repeat, make a commitment to do the same thing tomorrow.

These things will help you change how you view the world. Instead of looking at all the things you don't like, or wish for things you don't have you will appreciate the things you have and be genuinely grateful for them. This can be important to your happiness and overall well being allowing you to have true joy.

You know the old saying "its not having what you want, its wanting what you have", wise counsel to lead a happier more productive life. Have you ever thought why people get a 50" TV, something they have wanted for a while, and then the next day see a 60" TV in the store and immediately want that one?

Or why the job they have stinks and a new one would make them so much happier. A new car the next day isn't so new anymore. They say true happiness comes from within. I believe a heart of gratitude for the things you have is part of this.

When you have an increase in gratitude and do acts of kindness. The world (Karma or whatever you believe in) rewards, it wants to reward you, with opportunities for more gratitude and increased happiness. These opportunities can grow into great advantages in your life.

Whether you believe this or not, if you think this is new age existentialism, or to religious for you, it will help. I believe the world can only benefit from more gratitude. After all it certainly cant hurt from a few more people helping others....go ahead give it a try!

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, I used everything you gave me.

— Erma Bombeck

5 Ways to Make the World a Better Place and Gratitude is One of Them

It does not matter if you are religious or not, in the end I believe the quote meaning is the same. When we leave this Earth we should have left all of our talents expired and used up in the bio-sphere of our life. In other worlds our grand mission in life should be to make this world a better place with "ALL" the talents we posses.

Here are the top 5 ideas I had that may help us to make this world a better place.

  1. Have gratitude even in the worst of times - it is hard to make a positive influence in the world when you feel like nothing is going your way. Having gratitude in all things and at all times is probably one of the hardest things I have tried. When times are bad I tend to focus only on what is bothering me. Unaware of those who have, or are, suffering more than I. So even in the worst of times I should have gratitude for the things I do have, and have been given. For it is with this gratitude that I can truly reach out and help those around me.
  2. Truly love, while you help, those who are on this journey through life with you - we have all heard stories of selfless sacrifice. I recently heard the story of a child who was gravely injured during a home accident. He was in a remote town and a non-stop plane was diverted many miles out of the way to pick him up. Then it was determined that the boy would not survive the trip to the original hospital destination so another diversion was made. Finally the plane arrived to its final destination, the crew, and passengers severely delayed. But there was not one person on the plane who grumbled, they all cared about this boys welfare enough to take up a collection for him and follow up on his well being. So maybe it should be with us that we should love, help, and support those who are in need around us no matter how inconvenient.
  3. Be ready to take action when your lifetime of preparation is put to the test - each year athletes and competitors prepare for contests that culminate in years of work for a few minutes of competition. Olympic athletes illustrate this point well when a lifetime of preparation is graded in a few minutes of effort. Sometimes that effort is determined in 1/100 of seconds, and is a final measure between success and failure. In life we are learning constantly, honing our talents, and preparing to use what we have naturally been gifted with. Have you ever felt in a certain moment that maybe you were meant to be there for some purpose? It is when our talents are married with preparation that seemingly coincidence become miracles.
  4. Bear the burdens of those around you with ease - we are all given trials in this journey. Some trials seem harder to bear than others. It also seems when we look around we can all find those who have burdens we would not want to bear. In these times maybe we should take stock of those burdens and learn the lessons from them and hopefully share our experience with others. Then we can lift spirits, buoy faith, and strengthen hope. If we have been through something and have faced the burden and overcome with whatever inner faith mechanism you believe, then we should take that knowledge and help bear others burdens. For us it will be easier knowing how, then for those who are just beginning.
  5. Have courage and stand for what you believe in - it used to be in the days of old you had a few things that measured you as a person. You integrity was one of those things. In these times we have so much more we can be measured on. Things are now, or can be, eternal, and we are measured on what we say, do, who we associate with, and everything else we deposited in a virtual vault. It is now more than ever that maybe we should stand with courage in what we believe in. Effect change for the good of the world and take courage in knowing that everything you do, may, and can be seen by anyone. So take care in what and how you say things and truly believe in what you say.

In the end, this life is seemingly hard. Full of tests, trials, successes, and happiness. It is sorrow that teaches us joy, and love that teaches us pain. In the end all is necessary to feel and live a mortal experience. All of these things are hard and take effort to do and quite frankly most times I feel to selfish to do them. But if we truly can strive to do some of these things we can make this world a better place to be.

A Poem of Gratitude by GchanMako

As my sleep expired, early in the morning, I set upon a journey as if by someone told.

It seemed a very short one, only few steps were used, and suddenly I was outside in the dewy cold.

As I sat and pondered, with a heart full of pride, suddenly my eyes drifted, upward to the sky.

And there in the horizon was a splendid site to see, not a magnificent sunrise, but something to make me cry.

It was a humble scene of mountains so jagged and so dark, with clouds cascading high obscuring the sunlight.

I don't know why this profoundly struck me on this very day, but I was stopped in my steps, riveted by my sight.

For in my scene I was warned that pride fells the man, but God has created glory through humble carpenter hands.

I looked upon creation and marveled at its glory, I was humbled in the moment, and I tearfully gave to His demands.

I know this is simple but sometimes gratitude is hard, if not practiced and exercised, it withers and dries.

It can be hidden behind clouds, and forgotten in stone, but if gratitude has left you, I pray look to the skies.

Pick one thing each day that you are grateful for, then in spontaneous humility, do for someone else.

For if you have gratitude, and do for others too, your cheerful heart will shine, and come forth from the clouds of self.

For gratitude is like sunshine, not hidden behind clouds, but a gift for all to feel, as lights warm guiding light.

For in Christ you should be, of good and faithful cheer, for if you do not know him, then I truly pray that you might.

We Need to Have More Gratitude during the Holiday Season!

It is a wonderful time of year, the time of holidays, family, and goodwill. A time when we should be grateful for all of the things we do have. A time to reflect on all of the blessings we are fortunate to have bestowed upon us. A time to think of those who are in our lives, those we care for, and all the things that life has given over these past months.

So when did we lose our we can try and get it back this holiday season...

1. Be grateful for your spouse or significant other.
2. Be grateful we live in a Country where all lawful beliefs are protected.
3. Be grateful we can vote and express our political views.
4. Be grateful there are those who serve on our behalf and protect our freedoms.
5. Be grateful we can travel freely in our Country and visit those whom we want when we want.
6. Be grateful we can get an education, start a business, or invent a product.
7. Be grateful we have access to great medical care when we need it.
8. Be grateful we can own land, homes, and other property.
9. Be grateful we can speak our mind within reason.
10. And most of all be grateful for our loved ones, family, and friends who enjoy these same freedoms.

We live in one of the greatest places on the Earth, a place that was founded on the premise that we could worship freely, speak and think how we wish, own property, and be free from tyranny. Thanksgiving is the quintessential day that we have to celebrate these reasons for coming to America and be grateful for them.

Be Kinder, Have more Gratitude.

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Christmas is a Time for More Gratitude, Christ, and Family

When it is Christmas we should have more gratitude. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings. Hopefully I covered most of whom I need to cover with those greetings. If not then I simply say "Hello". But I love Christmas as it is a time to spend time with family, eat a ton of great holiday food, and reflect more about Christ.

To me this is what Christmas is about, literally it is in the word. If I can have some indulgence it does say More (mas) Christ (Christ) in the word, doesn't it? I know that it may be a stretch but it is my stretch! So as I attended our annual extended family Christmas party I am reminded how important it is to be able to spend this time with our Family.

Family, friends, loved ones, they all should be the most important things in our lives. It is this feeling that is Christ like. As we spend time and try and do things for those we love we remember Him. When we look to help others, serve when we can, and remember and help those most unfortunate. We remember Him when we do for the least of these our brethren.

But I know that not all are religious, or that not all believe in God. But that does not excuse our obligation to help others. To obey the "Golden Rule", adhere to Karma, or just be a decent person is paramount to making the greatest wish of all beauty pageant contestants come peace!

So this holiday as I sit within the safe and happy confines of a family get together I am reminded of our ultimate family and God our Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I enjoy my family knowing that we can be with each other forever. I love my family knowing that they support me and would do what they can for me. And I want to do things for my family to show them that I love and care for them.

It is for this reason that Christ was born into this world. That there should Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men and nowhere else am I reminded of this then when I am with my family. God Bless you all, America, and may your Christmas season have more Christ.

Who Jesus the Christ is to me a GchanMako Poem

The bearer of my burdens

when I cannot do it,

The forgiver of my sins

when I loathe myself.

The salve for my body

when I take it for granted,

The healer of my soul

when flesh betrays it.

The companion on the path

I cannot tread alone,

The friend I need to save... the one.

Without Him I am none but with Him I can overcome.

To Sum it All Up!

Be grateful for what you have. Count your many blessings. And when life gets you down and is dark and dreary remember that the sun always comes up tomorrow and gives you a brand new day.



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