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How to have a positive outlook on life instantly!

Updated on January 4, 2014

A little about me

I am a guy who went through depression, anxiety, and severe paranoia. Believe me, it was a miserable emotional rollercoaster ride, but I got to a point where I had enough and I did all I could to get back to perfect mental health. I had gone through a VERY useful self-help book that has helped thousands across the globe, which are all practical techniques that anyone can use.

But I won't get into that. I had also done numerous of other things that I had found the most effective and useful and I want to use it to help you.


Steps to enlightenment

First of all, I want to get into a very important fact.

A lot of people are always "searching" for happiness and have this image in their mind of how it will be. You must realize right now and here, that it won't be like that. All that is, is an image of how you "want" it to be, but it won't necessarily ever be that way. And since you're constantly thinking of that image, you don't realize this is a pattern and you're just always going to think of it and never get there. If you can actually think about this and realize this right now, take your time... You are well on your way.

Second, pay attention to the thinking of your outlook on life.

How do you see yourself going to your job? Do you have an energy in you that feels negative or positive? Are your thoughts as if you don't want to go or your job, thinking ahhh work, get through this day.. This is the basis of your unhappiness. Your "words". This is a very important quote I learnt, "talk about more things you like, than dislike" Once you do this, you balance your mind out with the natural way, because you're no longer focusing on just negative. You are now creating positive circumstances. I won't say which words to use, because your vocabulary should be of your own, but I will give you an example.


Friend: When do you work next?

Me: Tomorrow, can't wait! Make money.


Friend: When do you work next?

Me: Tomorrow, uuuh I don't even want to go.

When you are going over a positive circumstance, your mind knows the 'meaning' of those words, and meaning is energy. When you say something positive, you are putting a positive energy in yourself, (Hey that's awesome!).

I alarm you, it will take some getting use to. Using a whole different vocabulary is different, so it might seem uneasy, but that's normal. But once you get use to it, it will just be natural.

Thirdly, remember my first step.

Stop awaiting the end. If you're always awaiting the end, you're constantly in this stream of searching for that way that will never come. So work on this, in time you will be talking about so many things you like, that you will forget about that negative outlook on life.

it is very simple.

Simplicity is the key :).

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Huna's Principles Of Life

1. The World Is What You Think It Is

.2. There are no limits.

3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

4. Now Is The Moment Of Power.

5. To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something).

6. All Power Comes From Within.

7. Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth.

In Huna, it isn't something you "have" to follow, this is just their thoughts on life.

With Huna, people think of it as religious, but everything needs a name just like Martial Arts.. And all the different disciplines. All it is, is their knowledge on life, and it's great :).

Further Information

1. All the great philosophers realize that positive and negative work as a whole.

This is the whole concept of ying yang. So do not be all for positive and go against negative, because this will just be a trap. Accept negative, but act as if you're positive. Say better things, they work together.

2. A lot of religions all lead to living in the present. Jesus, Buddhism, Huna. I will give you texts.

"So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble." (Matt. 6:34AV)

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. -Buddha

Now is the moment of power. -Huna

Living in the present is beauty, can you remember when you were a kid? Why were you so happy? Because you were fully in the present moment, you neeeeever thought of tomorrow. So I hope you can relate and this can help you.

The Present

About this video

Alan Watts is an amazing man. He was very smart and enjoyed what he did.

He has many and many video's that will amaze you to the full extent.

That knowledge he has is amazing. You will be in grace listening to this video.

© 2013 PoeticPhilosophy


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    • PoeticPhilosophy profile image

      PoeticPhilosophy 4 years ago from Canada

      True, I'm glad you liked the ad. I like your name too by the way. Haha it's good to be confident

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Great choice of word, stay positive and positive things are sure to come.