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How to have twins

Updated on October 21, 2016

Pregnant woman

how to have twins
how to have twins

Greater chances, not definite

All the tips and tricks I will be sharing with you guys today are simply ways to increase your chances of conceiving twins. In no way am I guaranteeing you will become pregnant with twins. This is all helpful suggestions and advice you can take into your own hands. Also doing your own research and speaking to people who have tried these techniques can be helpful.

Please be aware that age, heredity, and number of previous pregnancies do play a part. It is also more common in African and African American women to conceive twins and Asian women being the lowest. The older you become, the less fertile you become meaning it may be difficult to even become pregnant with one child. In some family the women are known to most likely have twins because it is in their genes. Lastly the more pregnancies you've have previous will higher your chances of then having twins.



Types of twins

Identical twins- These babies have the same genetic information which causes them to look almost the same. Usually one is told apart from a birthmark, mole, or freckle.

Fraternal twins- These babies are pretty much like have two different babies but carrying them at once, but of course they share the same birthday.

Twins in general- The babies can be either the same sex or different sexes, this could be from fraternal or identical.

Which set do you want?

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Don't be discouraged

Do not become discouraged of not having twins. You are already so grateful or having one healthy baby. Always keep in mind you can have babies 1 year apart that are raised close together such as twins. You even still dress them in the same cute outfits.

Tips & Tricks

Gain a little weight! - Healthy weight of course , it is typical in women carrying more weight to produce more estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are essential to ovulation.

Medical way- With a doctor's assistance use Invitro-fertilization or talk to a doctor about fertility drugs.


You need hyper-ovulation

Hyper-ovulation- is when more than one egg is released from the ovaries during the same menstrual cycle.

hyper-ovulation foods

  • whole grains
  • walnuts
  • wild yams
  • wheat germ
  • maca
  • tofu

Those are just to name a few like stated earlier in the reading doing your own reasearch is valuable in this journey.


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