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How to improve your Kangen water?

Updated on January 29, 2017

Structuring Kangen water

My experience with Kangen Water started on an eve of new year 2017. Can you believe that we ordered Enagic K8 without being at any presentation or not even having a taste of water? Just because for some 9 years we are dealing with another health improving products and heard a lot about necessity of drinking alkaline water with negative ORP. So you may imagine my felling when I unpacked and installed it. Two hundred thousand Rubles is good money here, would it meet my expectations? And yes, it appeared it did! For every ruble of its cost! What a charge of energy it gives! What a soft water! Everyone coming into our house notices the difference.

Of course prior to ordering, I did some research on the matter, of course there are cheaper solutions, but the question is in electrodes, I decided that I do not want to take any chances of having some metal hydroxides in my water, and better take uncompromised Japanese machine. For me it was like buying Hi-End amplifiers and acoustics, sometimes one takes a decision that no compromise is acceptable. I think the title of this article made you wonder: what could be really improved in this Hi-End water installation? It is perfect by definition.

Yes, it is perfect, but here in Russia we have deeper understanding of such subtle matter as water structure. Japanese have Masaru Emoto – a great man who did a lot for popularization of the water structure issue. His photographs of water crystals are well known and do not require quoting here. Russian biophysicists Zenin Stanislav Valentinovitch deciphered water structure down to molecular level – he showed how exactly water molecules combine into large water associates. According to Zenin water molecules first combine into small formations due to the forming of weak hydrogen bounds between molecules, and later these small formations combine into large 912 water molecules associates. Water molecules at the surface of the associate could be oriented different way, and you know that water molecule is asymmetrical, so depending on its orientation either oxygen or hydrogen atom will be closer to the associate surface. It means a small electric charge, some plus or minus. And so water associates are covered with a carpet of these small positive or negative electric charges. The order in which these electric charges are spread over the associate surface defines information content, that carries this water. Change the order of these tiny charges and information in water changes. For us the notion «structured water» is inseparable from the question «what information this water carries?»

I am telling all this just to show that water structure is something very fragile and easily to violate. And it takes place in all electrolyze processes. Fine water structure suffers from treatment with electric current, thou it is an only known way to improve ORP artificially. By the way, Austrian physicist Victor Shauberger knew how to obtain curative water with negative ORP by making it rotate in some special way, but it is a theme for a separate discussion, you may found his works in the web. So destruction of water structure is an inevitable compromise of electrochemical water activation process. Nothing to regret, because tap water often has negative information content on itself.

I need to mention, that on video Kangen presentations I saw people mentioning water structuring. Sorry to say this, but it is lack of true understanding of the matter of water structuring.

And so, in Russia we have easy to use devices – Functional State Correctors, which are matrixes – diffraction lattices form which water copies information, pre-recorded on them. Information transfer takes place due to the energy of the Earth magnetic field. We have a variety of Functional State Correctors on which there are recordings of water samples from various well know curative springs or lakes, or polarizations of curative herbs, or other information, beneficial for human body and energy system. Energies of dolmens and places of power could be and are used as information content of some Functional State correctors (FSCs). These FSCs are very easy to work with. One shell only put it close to some water volume for 5-10 minutes. FSCs themselves have no internal power source and so they do not have energy needed to change water ORP or PH on their own.

My message to all Kangen water users is to try conjoint use of Functional State Correctors for structuring water after Kangen machines treatment. Anyway, it is recommended in Kangen manual to let water to stand for a while, to give it time to settle down, use this time for good. ORP and PH at one hand, and water structure on the other, are different characteristics, one does not substitute the other, both are very important for live organisms. You can find a lot of information about FSCs at my site. We have specialized FSCs for example for restoration of joints, for cardiovascular system, for liver, stomach, pancreas, for beauty, that is for the things Kangen water is know to give good results. Conjoint use will give quicker and more stable results. Imagine that with the use of various FSCs you will get water that tastes differently! It is the experience I have. And all other FSC users have.

What is at the photo above? A jar with freshly made Kangen strong alkaline water. You see water is not transparent due to small gas bubbles. Its ozone. We have let it go away anyway. And all water molecules are still rapidly oscillating after treatment. And it is an FSC with name «Healing» leaning on the jar side. I am going to enjoy water with an information transferred with FSC technology from a sacred lake 100 kilometers away from the Samara city, which is far away from Moscow I, would say! The lake is a place of pilgrimage, but it is January now when took this picture and typed this text! Of course there are Russians who would not be stopped by winter colds from swimming in a cut, but is not it nice to have an opportunity to enjoy healing water any time you feel a desire?! We are using Kangen water only after subsequent structuring, the understanding of water structuring problem, developed recently in Russia, states that one of water functions in nature is delivering information to biology organisms. Our bodies expect to receive some useful information, some command for physiology processes with drinking water, it should not be just molecules, oscillating like crazy after electrolysis treatment.

So what did Masaru Emoto? He influenced these charges distribution pattern with his mind-power. By the way Zenin measured water conductance changes when people with extrasensory power worked with water samples. It is indirect measurement that chows the fact of some changes, but is not subtle enough to show changes in this map of small charges distribution on the surface of the water associate. What did skeptically minded experts at Masaru Emoto experiments? They opposed his mind work and so directly interfered with the experiment. This is a good example of experiment in which human mind poses noticeable influence, the ways of testing or checking things we are used to in official science stop working in some fields. I think we will encounter with more such examples in near future. And we have Masaru Emoto ideas developed to a mass produced water structuring devices, FSCs show out reproducible and repeatable influence and are certified as a prophylaxis remedy of long term use.

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