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Increase your height after 20 years of age by practicing yoga

Updated on September 29, 2015

How to increase your height

Height is the length of your body from the toes to the head that is reached after you complete 20 years of age.

Several factors contribute to your height like nutrition, exercises, genes, sunlight etc.

Height is a line that seems unchangeable after puberty however studies prove that you can increase your height even after the age of 20.

Yoga has many such stretches that could help you reach your preferred height through patience.

increase your height
increase your height | Source
Increase your height  through Yoga
Increase your height through Yoga | Source


Certain exercises like skipping swimming are well known as being beneficial to increase your height.

Among them yoga is gaining popularity since it is natural and proven regime to increase your flexibility and general fitness level.

What have you tried to increase your height?

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Yoga Poses to increase height naturaly

Parvottanasana or pyramid pose:

Remember to use a yoga mat for supporting the bones and prevent the risk of injury.

In this pose stand with one leg forward about 2 to 3 feet apart and bend forward towards one leg.

To bring more stretch lift the free hand up so that it stretches both the shoulder and the spine same time.

This stretches the spine effectively to straighten the spine and reveal your original height.

Quad stretch:

Now drop to the ground keeping one knee up and the other down with both hands on the lifted knee for balance.

The grounded knee has its leg stretched. Now slowly lift the stretched back leg or feet end using its toe with your free hand.


Now in the same position drop lower to the ground again making the butt sit on the ground. The stretched back leg remains back and the lifted knee leg is forward and bent on the ground.

Practice is required to try this pose effectively.

Yoga poses to increase height


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