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How To Keep Your Spine Happy and Healthy?

Updated on January 29, 2017

If you want to stay away from frustrating back pains, you need to pay special attention towards the health of your spine. Otherwise, you will have to experience the negative effects associated with a variety of illnesses such as strained muscles, spinal stenosis and herniated disc. Here is a list of effective tips that you can keep in mind in order to make sure that your spine stays healthy and happy.

1. Make sure your spine rests while you are sleeping

Your spine works hard throughout the day and you should provide rest to it while you are sleeping. This will assist you to let your spine rejuvenate. In order to make your spine relax, you can think about purchasing a quality mattress along with some pillows. The type of mattress and pillows you should purchase is entirely based on your sleeping position and personal preferences. If you have neck or back problems, you should think about them as well. However, you need to make sure that the mattress and pillows you purchase offer the best possible support for your spine and let it relax while you sleep.

2. Strengthen your back muscles and abs with workouts

If you can get strong back muscles and abs, you will be able to provide an excellent support to the spine. In fact, having strong muscles can eliminate the pressure from your lower back. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t pay attention towards workouts that can strengthen back muscles and abs. If you want to make your spine healthy, you should incorporate them in your daily workouts.

3. Purchase shoes that can support the spine

The shoes play a major role behind the support delivered to your lower back. Therefore, you need to be careful enough to purchase shoes that can deliver a supportive base. Then your spine will be able to remain in alignment, which can help it stay away from supination and over pronation.

4. Get yourself a massage

Massages have the ability to deliver a variety of therapeutic benefits for people in the long run. It has been identified that a good massage has the ability to release endorphins within the body, which is a natural painkiller. In addition, massages have the ability to increase the flow of blood within your body. They can contribute towards the health of your spine at the end of the day. You don’t always need to go to a spa in order to get a massage. You can simply purchase a massage chair and enjoy it at the comfort of your home.

5. Follow good ergonomics while sitting

When you are sitting, it is important to follow good ergonomics. When you are sitting, the discs in your spine are loaded three times more. Therefore, siting for longer period of time can give life to back pain in the long run. Therefore, you need to learn about good ergonomics and follow them while you are sitting.


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