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How to kick laziness on the face

Updated on July 27, 2016

Lazy Person

what a good day to lazy around...
what a good day to lazy around...

What Is Laziness

I believe we all have stumbled upon laziness, once in our lifetime.

Laziness comes from nothing, but has huge impact on our performance.

Typically, holding us from our physical activities. Such as exercising and working out. When suddenly our body seems wanting to just scoop itself on a layer of warm blanket.

But in my opinion, the most dangerous laziness is what holding you back mentally.

Have you ever experienced that you had your strong will on mind to do something extraordinary tomorrow, but then suddenly all those are gone in a flash? I believe it is laziness on action.

Read below for those types of laziness.

Types of Laziness

As mentioned above, i believe we had 2 types of laziness :

  • Body/Physical laziness
  • Mind/mental laziness

The first one, body/physical laziness is affected by our body's system which suddenly wanting to rest more and more. Even after a long slumber. This type of laziness can be cured by consuming vitamins, energy drink, etc. Because humans have this thing called "suggestion", that by consuming specific energy boosted, they could get rid of that laziness.

The second one, mind/mental laziness is affected by sudden lack of motivation. Sometimes feels like we lost our purpose to live. That's why i mentioned previously that this type of laziness is dangerous. The solution to this laziness is to quickly get contact with other people, preferably family, friends, etc. By interacting with them, even though only a little, we could get some motivation back. Humans actually social being. They cannot live only by themselves.

Check poll below to know which type of laziness that readers experienced

What type of laziness do you usually experienced?

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Laziness is infectious

As mentioned above, humans are social being. That said, sometimes laziness could be infectious among a group of people. I repeatedly experiencing this phenomena on my office. A group of 5 people is at their peak of hunger (because it is lunch time), and they need to get lunch soon. But none of them had any idea on their mind to decide the lunch. Whether going to fast food or perhaps traditional market.

It is a simple choice and idea. But somehow each of them is lazy to decide. On the aftermath, they keep starving until afternoon. And finally got a bite on a meatball vendor that happened to pass by on front of office. But of course, they could get more healthy and fulfilling meal if they are not too lazy to decide earlier.

"oh my, my stomach is growling hard"
"oh my, my stomach is growling hard"


Laziness seems cute and not dangerous, but it has huge impact on our lives.

If self-motivating is not good enough, feel no worry to socialize with other people. Also keep yourself healthy by consuming enough nutrients.

Here, have a bowl of meatballs....


delicious yet not fulfilling meatballs (bakso)
delicious yet not fulfilling meatballs (bakso)


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