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Chronic Anxiety and Empathy and How to Cope

Updated on June 22, 2015


Chronic Anxiety and Empathy

Anxiety is a feeling everyone experiences, from time to time. Some of us are experiencing it on a constant bases. I believe many who suffer from chronic anxiety, also are empathic. This combination acts like a sieve. We are forever drinking up others’ emotions. A person with this combination can leave the house feeling joy and happiness, and go to a shopping center. Within a matter of minutes, they are hit with unwarranted mixed emotions. Fears become interlaced with this combination. How does one leave their home, if there is a possibility of becoming overwhelmed?

These fears immobilize any progress towards the goals we have set. They, at best, dampen our passion. Usually our passion becomes a fuzzy memory, as we become frozen in time. Our mind dwells, the majority of the time, in the negatives. This umbrella the following areas, death of a love one, losing our job/career, or losing home. There are a host of other negative beliefs that are harbored under the umbrella. Our daily life functions on empty. Our energy is depleted, as we continue to live in worry, obsession and frustration. People often relate this to the survival mode. I see it as the crippling mode. An existence I lived for decades,

Did the above described you? Have you searched for quick fixes? I did. I used a variety of Band-Aid methods, in effort to block out my fears. Being an empath, would make every Band-Aid fall off immediately. I walked a vicious cycle, where isolation became a preference. It also became an excuse to not walk through my fears. If you are tired of living in this crippling mode, you can jump off the merry-go-round. Warning: It takes a great deal of effort. Benefit: You aren’t crippled anymore. This next part will offer you suggestions, which have worked for others and myself.

Change and YOU

Do you have a lot of anxiety due to our changing world?

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Daily Ritual to Use for Changes

Practical Steps to make Changes

Practical Advice For Chronic Anxiety and Empaths

Daily rituals are a must, if you seek to leave your emotional and mental crippling life. You will want to create them, for your life, with a sense of purpose. This is the first step to reconnecting with your passion. Daily rituals also aid our thinking process during times of struggle. They provide us the means to progress through the day, with more ease. It is best to create daily rituals that are simple. Each is to be done, in the state of mindfulness. When your mind seeks to follow your chatterbox, ease it back. Do not chastise yourself. Ease it back. Here are a few daily rituals you can incorporate, to begin this journey.

First Ritual: Taking a shower, followed up with dressing and grooming. This is a wonderful ritual in helping to train our mind to be in the present. Feel the water splashing over your body. What does it feel like? What color is calling you today to wear? Can you find it in your clothing, jewelry or carry a stone, of that color. As you do this first ritual, you are tuning into what really is going on, at that moment. Nothing else is permitted to enter your mind, and stay there.

Note: I carry around an imaginary whisk broom, to sweep away my worries. This is an instruction I have used to teach meditation. Try it, you won’t believe how successful it is.

Second Ritual: Cleaning your home. Taking care of your home, even if it is just one room, are areas that you can make daily choices. It gives you the ability to control what you can, which is only you. We cannot control other people. Here is a fact, I wish to share. One’s mind become more focused, when clutter is gone. In a chronic anxiety condition, this aids one to focus on the present moment. Their minds become aware. I found this bit of information the most useful. Living in a fuzzy- mind- set always brought me more confusion, as well as a heaviness, which I have called despair.

Third Ritual: Meditation. I am the most unorthodox meditator. I find staying in the mind-set of gratefulness brings me into meditation. As I grab my first cup of coffee, I use a daily ritual of thankfulness, for having this day, my coffee, and the ability to serve others. What are the benefits? Gets you smack out of the center of the, me-me syndrome. This me-me lights the fuel under our fears.

Why the order of these Rituals?

There is a sound reason. Even if you take a shower or bath at night, the first one plays an active role. In choosing your clothing, make-up-jewelry for the day, you will become in touch with your inner-self. Is it in a playful mood? Does it want brilliant colors? Maybe it feels like hiding, which is fine. The hiding syndrome speaks loud of going within, to resolve an issue. The second ritual, will create the pace of your day. Being disorganized will follow you into your day, and clutters your mind. Ten minutes to just pick up a few items, and put away, or throw out, can give you the opposite effect. The last ritual is done, because you are approaching the Divine with a clean body, dressed and your home is neat. You wish to offer the Divine a declutter spot to meet you. Greeting the divine is a precious moment. This is your prayer and/or meditation time. I call it zoning. I want to offer the Divine a gift. The best gift is showing IT that I respect and honor what IT gave me.

Benefit Note:

These daily rituals help in securing an invisible bubble of light around your body. Applied daily, you begin to notice the daily chattering of others’ emotions slide right off your bubble, and do not affect you. Leaving your home becomes a pleasurable experience.

Rising above Chronic Anxiety and Empath.

Being Pro-active in Your Day

Being pro-active in your day gives you the opportunity to get out of your crises and see the world in a broader view. I have two methods that I use to go beyond surviving and the crippling effect:

  1. I do something each day to help someone, and often it is not a person I know.
  2. I spend time in the evening remembering, when I had a crises in the past, and how I overcame it.

The act of helping someone brings to me joy. It often is done without someone knowing I am doing this for them. I try hard to not be recognized. I might purchase something for a person in need, and it remains between just the two of us. The majority of my giving though is not directed at a single person but a group. On my Facebook wall, I am always posting pretty pictures, with a positive saying. It is something I do because we are all subject to so much negative each day. It has been well received by those on my Facebook, and I am appreciative of the emails, and P.M. I have received with a simple thank you.

The second one I do at night. It often amazes me how, in the past, I thought I would not survive this or that crises, yet here I am today as a recovered survivalist, who suffered daily from chronic anxiety. We all have been through crises before. We all have had our hearts ripped out, and fears plaguing us. Look back at those times, and see what you did to walk away from it. As you do this, you might come across some patterns that aided you, as well as hindered you. Now is the time you can excel on those that aided you, and delete those, which hindered you.

Final Thoughts

I do hope you will put the effort in helping yourself. It is hard work, but it is rewarding. I am glad that I have stuck to these rituals. Am I free of anxiety or picking up on others’ emotions? No. I am free though of letting their emotions and my anxiety control my life. I am not as isolated any more. Going outside and being around people isn’t as scary. In a few months, I am moving by myself from Florida to Arizona, without knowing anyone in real time. I have a few girlfriends, who I have known over the years, from the internet. I am excited for this adventure. I am grateful I am not stuck in my crippling prison.

These suggestions will help you through your day, when your life is not working for you. You are not alone. I am sure you know many who have made it through a very difficult time, and went beyond just surviving. You can too, by taking one step at a time.

I have also included a couple links to people who are biologist and explain how we can become pro-active in how are brain works, and how to create a new consciousness. We can change our old patterns. This information has been worth its gold in helping me to change my own thinking process.

Thank you for reading this hub. I would love to hear back from you. Enjoy the journey.

Change and You

How to move beyond surviving


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      3 years ago from Arizona

      Alana, thank you so much for reading this and leaving a comment. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • profile image

      alana Cornell 

      3 years ago

      Great article

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Christianne. I hope parts of it were helpful.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I like what you wrote. It was very thoughtful.


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