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How to Look After Yourself Every Day

Updated on October 15, 2019

Caring for yourself

Life can get so busy sometimes that we can forget to care for ourselves. We often remember everyone else's needs but forget ours so hopefully today I can help you to remember to take care of yourself and some simple ways you can do that.

I think it can be hard to take care of yourself because sometimes you are unaware of your own needs and what your mind, heart and soul really need so that you can be happy.

Sometimes if can feel like we don't have enough time in the day to look after ourselves and do the rest of what we really need to get done I know that's how I feel. I feel like 'caring for myself' is taking away my time for all the other 'important things' there are to do in the day. But we often forget that taking the time out for you means you then have so much more to give. Caring for yourself does not mean taking a whole day off because sometimes that is not possible.

So here are some ways you can take care of yourself everyday.

Eating Healthy and Drinking Plenty

We can all raise our hands to saying that when life gets to busy we can forget to eat healthy or eat at all. We can be in such as rush that we forget to carry a water bottle around or take a break to eat something.

My tip to this is just make sure you make something easy and small so that you can eat it when you're busy, I love a good tuna and sweetcorn sandwich so if you know you're going to be busy then make yourself some to carry around and eat on the go.

Drink plenty of water! It is so easy to fill up a water bottle and keep it with you so that you can drink it during the day if you're out and about or even if you're at home fill a large bottle of water so you can track that you have been drinking enough.

I always carry a water bottle with me to work or when I go out because I know that I get easily dehydrated. So stay hydrated you're going to need it if you're going to be working all day whether that be outside or at home.

Another way you can make sure you are getting all the energy you need to go buy your day is by making smoothies. You can get these nutrient packets that include all fruits and vegetables aimed at giving you what you need e.g detox, hydration, improve your skin and so much more. You can easily add these to your smoothies and get the benefits and nutrients you need.

Morning routine activites

Spending a bit of time in the morning relaxing yourself and waking up earlier than when you need to before work or before anything else you need to do is a great way to give some time to yourself.

There are so many different morning activities you can indulge yourself into to feel relaxed and happy.

Journaling is a great way to get all your thoughts, worries, ideas and everything else inside your head out so that you can potentially start fresh and really just take a breath from all that's going inside your head because you can take it all out and feel better to have gotten it out in some way. If journaling isn't for you or if you find it a little difficult to do like me then how about taking a few minutes to just sit down and talk to someone in your family or a friend that you trust.

Yoga is something else that I really want to try so that I can relax my mind and get all the stress out. I think it's something my mum needs to do as well since she always stressed. Yoga has many benefits and there is strong research to back up the statement that there are many psychological and physical benefits to doing yoga.

Taking a walk in the morning is another fantastic way to allow yourself to have some fresh air and enjoy what's around you so that you can be grateful and reflective of what you have in life.

Have A Chat With Someone

Humans are social beings, and no matter how much you might love spending time on you own (we should all love our own company) it is part of our nature to connect and socialise with others that we need to satisfy.

So, take the time today to call/text a friend or family member and have a nice conversation. If you live with somebody for example a parent then take a few minutes to sit there and engage with each other- checking up on how you both are doing and if there is any help you need from one another.

Building and maintaining relationships with others is something I consider taking care of myself because I feel loved, cared for and supported and these feelings are invaluable- so go ahead and make some time for a loved one.

Go For A Walk

I have been walking a lot more recently and I can't tell you good it has been for me, from making me feel good about the fact that I'm getting some physical activity done to allowing me to relax and just enjoy the walk.

Sometimes I use the walk to reflect on and think about some stuff going on- it gives me a much better perspective and lets me decide on what my next step should be.

Also, I have been slowly losing weight as well which is a goal of mine because my weight has caused me issues with my activity levels as I get tired quickly so walking has been giving me lots of energy and building up the level of physical activity I can endure.

So, try and get out for even 5 minutes and just let the wind touch your face and relax your mind- in this busy world give yourself 5 minutes to slow down.


Take a nap if you are feeling sleepy, listen to your body. It is so important to ensure that we are listening to our body and giving it what it needs. If you are feeling tired then take a nap because you will feel so much better and relaxed afterwards.

This article contains some great benefits all about taking a nap during the day, one is that it makes us feel relaxed and improves our performance. So by taking a nap you will be more productive.

If you have not slept well the night before or maybe haven't slept well for a few nights then going to bed early and ensuring that you get good quality sleep is important. Sleeping for eight hours does not mean you will feel better in the morning but how you feel depends on the quality of your sleep.

Here are a few good articles I found all about getting good quality sleep:

How to Sleep Better

What is Good Quality Sleep?

© 2019 Huma Ikbal


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