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How to loose 20lbs and keep it off

Updated on February 22, 2013
My weight loss: December 26th @ 164 lbs
My weight loss: December 26th @ 164 lbs | Source
February 11th @154 lbs
February 11th @154 lbs

Loosing Weight and Keeping Weight Off

Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you have a slow metabolism, hypo thyroid, an addiction to sugar and carbs or find that diets don't work for you?

If you are struggling with weight loss, and answered yes to all or any of the questions above, the suggestions in this hub will help you.

Whilst loosing weight fast may seem like a great idea you risk yoyo wieght loss followed by rapid gain. This really affects your metabolism negatively and makes weight loss even harder.

Although loosing 20lbs over a four to six month period may sound slow, it will result in sustainable weight loss.

Changing how you eat as well as what you eat is the essential key. By making some small changes you will find you no longer have cravings for sweets and sugars, you will have more energy and noticeably less "down" days.


Weight Loss - does size matter?

When I was younger, living in the UK, dress sizes were much simpler. Size 0 didn't exist. I averaged a small or size 8 for most of my young adult life and crept up to a size 12 (UK) in my mid thirties. By the time I came to Canada in 1996 I was back to a UK 10. However after I had my second child and developed hypo thyroid the weight began to pile on and I grew into a size 16. I was completely exhausted as well.

I found myself obsessed with size and began to develop a really unhealthy relationship with food. The more I thought about loosing weight the more weight I seemed to gain and I began the unhealthy pattern of yoyo dieting. This cartoon says it all!

Changing the way we eat.....

There are many eating plans "out there" suggesting eating for blood type, eat high protein, eat low fat - the world is awash with diet and eating plans. Truth is we all have different metabolisms but that may not be the only problem.

All food is "FIT" it is the quantity and quality of foods that will affect our metabolism.

My weight loss success started after I consulted with a Naturopathic Doctor and discovered that: a) I had a wheat and gluten allergy and b) I was retaining water. This information helped me to adjust to an eating plan - not a diet - that is working for me. I had spoken to my medical doctor and a nutritionist prior to that but sadly neither were able to help, pointing to buying low fat foods and following the Canada Food Guide. That was killing me - literally!

Low fat foods are often full of sugars and other fillers which contribute to weight gain. Eating full fat foods does not have those same fillers and the fat stimulates our metabolism.

Identify how your body works - in other words what is the ideal calorie intake for your metabolism and how much exercise do you need to do to maintain a steady weight or weight loss.

Do you retain water? If yes, make sure you drink more (sounds counter productive but it works) and see if a lymphatic supplement such as lymphdiaral is helpful to stimulate water being held within the cells, rather than outside of them.

If you are tired all the time and bloated you may have a wheat and gluten allergy. Try reducing your intake of wheat and gluten and see what happens. If you feel better consult with a professional about adjusting your diet accordingly.

FInally examine, your relationship to food. If you have tried to loose weight and been unsuccessful consider whether any of the following questions appplies to you:

  • Do you have an emotional connection that leads to comfort eating?
  • Have you created a routine of snacking or late night snacks?
  • Do you spend 20 minutes a day walking or some other form of physical activity?

For Emotional Eaters: Usually this is a learned response that has built up over a period of time. Emotional eating can start in childhood or may be the result of separation/divorce/loss. It is important to figure out how and when it began - breaking the habit will take time and effort but the habit can be broken. Recognizing the need by journalling or meeting your emotional need some other way you will begin to see a decrease in your weight and your relationship with food.

Late Night Snackers: Drinking a glass of water instead of a snack can satisfy the brain which is telling you to eat because that is the habit that has been built up. My late night snack used to be a slab of cheese - not a great choice before bedtime but this habit started in childhood. With all habits it takes at least 28 days to break them. If you are really craving a snack try half a banana or a sliced apple with a small amount of peanut butter. Avoid processed carbs, chips or cereal.

Physical Activity: Finding 20 mins in one block or two ten minute sessions daily will increase your calorie burn, improve your mental health and stimulate your energy. Wlaking, running, yoga, stretching, pilattes, dancing, skipping, swimming are just some easy and often free activities you can do by yourself, at a gymn or with a friend.

Try and find a weight loss coach or friend who will cheerlead you on your journey and if you have a day or two where you don't follow your plan don't give up - after all making stops to scratch an itch are all just part of the journey.


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    • Lizam1 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Scotland

      Bake like a pro. Thanks for your comment and sharing.

    • Bake Like a Pro profile image

      Bake Like a Pro 

      5 years ago

      Wow Lizam... congratulations on the weight loss. That takes determination and will power. I love your detailed article. Everything in it is so true. Thank you for sharing. Voted up and sharing with others.


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