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How to lose 10 kilos of body weight in 2 weeks

Updated on April 27, 2012

Free Exercise and Diet Plan to lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks

Where have you been lately for weight loss tips? Is it the gym, a health/weight loss club or have you been patronizing coaches who teach you weight loss techniques that leave you a bit demoralized because of their fees?

Why not try a healthy, inexpensive but effective weight loss program. To lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks without spending a dollar is a reality. Check out this program a friend tried for two weeks that made her lose 10 kilos, she didn’t spend a dime on nutritional weight lose supplements, exercise coaches or pills. Just simple, plain, good old walking with a disciplined diet and water did the trick.

Before embarking on this weight loss program my friend weighed an astonishing 85kg and had a protruding belly, fat backside and thick, fat loaded layer of skin stretching across her body length. A massive fat figure that didn’t do much for her appearance and really was hardly a thing to call healthy considering that obese and overweight people are prone to diabetes and other diseases. Today she weighs less than 65kg although she dropped 10kg in less than 2 weeks in March 2010 and she didn’t pay a dime for this and falls less ill of late.

Her method was to walk a distance of 2 Kilometers a day for 14 days and to observe a low calorie, low fat diet with little or no in take of sugar containing fluids especially mineral water and processed fruit juices, just water, light meals and fresh fruits. Every morning by 6.30 am she would embark on her walk and by 7.30 am would have concluded her daily walk. Breakfast would usually come by 8.00 am and it would mostly be bread (wheat) or bread toast, egg white, sausage with scrambled eggs and fresh fruit juice or herbal or lemon tea, although sometimes she ate fried potatoes with fish stew. Lunch varied from boiled rice with beans/peas and salad to spaghetti, noodles or yams with vegetable soup and assorted animal proteins like shrimps, snails, crabs, crayfish and oysters. Of course water always went with these and at least 2 liters a day at that. Dinner could be a light fruit meal such as fruit salad or roasted meat steak. This diet was varied with other foods but essentially they contained low fats, starchy and calorie foods. She abstained from alcohol and sugar containing drinks but drank mostly water with fresh, natural fruit juice and maintained her strict exercise.

Within the first 12 days an astonishing 10kg of body weight had been dropped. But she couldn’t have done this without the help of her dietician and her personal commitment and efforts towards dropping weight.

The summary of this is that in order to lose weight healthy and quickly, get to understand your body system, get advice from an expert on the best exercise and diet weight loss program and finally adhere strictly to that program.


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