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How to lose Cellulite?-Cellulite treatment options

Updated on September 1, 2013
how cellulite looks
how cellulite looks

According to WebMD Cellulite is not a standalone medical condition, It is a fancy name for subcutaneous fat deposition.But what is unique about cellulite is its dimply lumpy appearance.

What causes this special appearance is -as WebMD explains- our skin is attached to the subcutaneous structures by fibrous bands , those fibrous bands go like straight parallel lines from deeper tissues all the way to the skin. With the increase of subcutaneous fat , the fat is forced in between those fibrous bands leading to the appearance of those bumps on the skin surface. commonly called "orange skin appearance"

Causes of Cellulite

One of the reasons behind the widespread of cellulite , is the fact that its causes are still somewhat controversial; some of the more accepted explanations as causes of cellulite include:

  • Heredity : your genetic makeup can predispose you to cellulite ,so if your mother and grandmother have cellulite , you are more prone to have it too.
  • Hormones : many hormones are blamed for cellulite ,from estrogen to prolactin the list goes on to cover thyroxine and insulin .
  • Habits and lifestyle are also to blame , including factors as lack of physical activity and smoking
  • Diet: plays an important role,high carbohydrate and fats in your diet with too little fiber plus dehydration can put you at higher risk to develop cellulite.

How can you prevent cellulite

You know the saying,prevention is better than treatment. Are there ways to avoid cellulite in the first place?since we already know some of the common causes of cellulite ,we can definitely prevent it from appearing by avoiding those causes:

  • try to base your diet around lots of fruits ,vegetables and fiber
  • gulp at least 8 ounces of water throughout the day to stay hydrated
  • decrease your intake of carbohydrates and saturated fats
  • exercise regularly
  • avoid tight pants

In light of the above description of the appearance of cellulite ,do you think you have cellulite?

Do you have cellulite

Do you suffer from cellulite?

See results

Now that you can tell whether you have cellulite, what are your cellulite treatment options?

cellulite fighting fruits
cellulite fighting fruits

Cellulite treatment diet

Cellulite treatment nutrition starts with cutting back on artificial and processed foods and stocking on natural foods
Fruits to fight cellulite

Since cellulite is partially caused by toxins and free radicals , a diet rich in antioxidant fruits can greatly help in cellulite reduction , among these fruits are oranges, berries, bananas,papayas , melons and mangoes.

In addition to cellulite treatment fruits there are other power foods , among those power foods asparagus is very effective as it helps detoxify your body in addition to helping in decreasing water retention.
Add to that whole grain foods and nuts and you are on your way to a great cellulite fighting diet plan

The rule is drink water to get rid of water, the more you hydrate the better your body can get of retained water. Check Cellulite treatment for more cellulite diet tips.

walk cellulite off
walk cellulite off

Cellulite exercises

Exercise can play a big role in your fight against cellulite

Walk cellulite off

walking is a strong weapon against cellulite . The point is to walk briskly . Try to incorporate walking 5-6 times weekly in your cellulite treatment plan.

Aerobic exercises
One of the factors exaggerating the appearance of cellulite is the accumulated fat under skin , so losing the excess fat through aerobic exercises as riding a stationery bike or step classes can enhance your cellulite treatment effort.

Standing hip extension
Standing hip extension
wall squat
wall squat

Lower body exercises

Here are two lower body exercises that can give you a firm and round butt

Hip extensions
Hip extensions could be done lying face down, on four or standing as shown in the picture
Stand straight and lean on a wall or a chair . push your leg backwards as far as you can without tilting your hip. return your leg back to the front.
repeat for 12-15 times


wall squat
lean back on a wall . Squat down till your thighs are parallel to the floor . stand back up .
Repeat 12-15 times. keep your chest up and avoid leaning forward.

Medical cellulite treatments

In addition to the above there are many medical cellulite treatment options
including Cellulite creams cellulite massage cellulite laser and finally cellulite surgery.

These are some of the cellulite treatment options

for more details check cellulite treatment


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