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How to lose belly fat after losing weight

Updated on February 2, 2010

If you are wondering how to lose that ugly belly fat that refuses to go even after having lost a considerable amount of fat around your body, then it's time you consider restructuring your exercise plan.

Normally, a good exercise routine such as running, skipping and swimming can help you lose a lot of unwanted fat around your body as long as you discipline yourself and maintain the routine. But you still need to do a lot more to lose that belly fat.

One thing to note is that belly fat normally remains because your other exercises do not focus on your tummy or waist. What you need to do is set out a plan that will focus more work on your belly and stick to it for a good lenght ot time.

  1. Split your normal diet into half and compensate your hunger by drinking lots of water
  2. Do a lot of skipping and run up and down the stairs if you can. Try 50 runs up and down per session
  3. Practice deep breathing exercises and focus the stress on your abs. This will help tone it and give you more strength
  4. Try out the ab wheel exercise also

You need to be consistent with your exercise pattern as sticking to it will help you see results within the first 2 weeks


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