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How to lose buttocks fat fast

Updated on April 28, 2012

High intensity interval training

Less running more weight loss

This may sound like a contradiction but not if you heard of high intensity interval training. The idea is that you do aggressive exercises at 30-90 intervals followed by a 30-60 second break. Often peoples idea of losing butt fat is to walk every day for an hour, but they never see any real results. The trick to losing weight is to push your body almost to the limit, this way once it recovers it will come back strong. If you walk every day, your body gets used to it and you don't burn much fat.

Warning, high intensity interval training can be dangerous for people who are considered couch potatoes. Do not try this unless you have been active for some time as it can raise the pulse to a dangerous level.

The plan of attack:

In order to lose buttocks fat fast you're going to have to do more than 20 minutes a day. Try this, do 30 second intervals of running at a high level in the treadmill( about a level 8) followed by 40 seconds walking(level 3) in 30 minutes a day. This super charged fat burning workout should only be done no more than 5 times a week as it can take a told on the body.

Eat less junk food

Doing high intensity interval training to lose butt fat is only half of the equation. No matter how much you exercise you can eat your way out of any training. This is why you should be avoiding certain fatty foods.


Gram for gram pizza has to be on top of the worse foods out there, it's loaded with carbs and fat to last you an entire week. I'm not going to say to quit eating pizza all together but just eat about 3 slices a month or you can kiss your dreams of losing buttocks fat for good. Instead you should go to your local subway and order the pizziola, it tastes like a pizza but at a fraction of the calories.


Have you ever been to fast food restaurant and squeezed that cheeseburger you ordered? If not try doing it next time. You will see it dripping with fat which will most likely go to your butt. There is however an alternative which you can order. Try to go to a place where they sell veggie burgers. Losing butt fat doesn't have to be a trade off, veggie burgers are delicious and filling, the only bad thing is that not enough restaurants have them on menu.

Drink green tea with a squeeze of lemon

Most people don't realize how beneficial green can be to lose that excess weight. This is particularly useful to lose buttocks fat. Green tea has the ability to destroy free radicals caused by solar radiation among other things. The real benefit of green tea however is to increase heart rate and so you're going to increase the amount of fat loss. The idea behind the squeeze of lemon comes from two sources. First, the body can only absorb so many nutrients, adding lemon raises the amount your body can intake as much as 50%. Second, lemon is a natural fat incinerator since it's an acid it will destroy fat at a molecular level. For best buttocks losing action try drinking it in the morning.


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