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How to lose weight - 7 easy tips for losing weight using your mind

Updated on October 31, 2013
Losing weight doesn't mean you have to feel a prisoner of your eating habits
Losing weight doesn't mean you have to feel a prisoner of your eating habits

This time is going to be different. You're determined that this time around you will actually lose those pounds that have been torturing you for the past years. You google "how to lose weight" and find a million diets to follow. But, stop! Before you follow any fad diet, you gotta change your brain. Let me show you how...


Some people don't lose weight because they freak out every time they know they're on a diet. They start seeing themselves as prisoners who are not allowed to even see, touch or smell anything delicious. They do well for about a week, and then they feel the need to liberate themselves. And back they go to their fattening ways.

The people who don't worry much about losing weight are the ones that usually lose it, because they don't see themselves as prisoners or helpless victims of the evil diet. Therefore, they don't feel the need to be liberated and they stick to their new ways until it becomes a habit.

Change your attitude. Don't see the diet as your enemy, embrace it as your ally.

If you want to lose weight, don't tell anyone you're in a diet; tell them you're in a health plan.
If you want to lose weight, don't tell anyone you're in a diet; tell them you're in a health plan.


The words we use have a big impact on the way we think. For example, I personally dislike the word "diet". There's nothing wrong with the word itself; it's the stigma associated with it that I dislike. When I hear the word "diet", I immediately picture a fat prisoner trying to reach a slice of cake through the bars of his cell. Not a pretty picture. And I bet I am not the only one who hates that word. People who have been dieting their whole lives and who have been struggling with weight issues have come to develop a deep hatred for anyone who dares to mention that word.

The solution? Don't call it a diet. Call it a nutrition plan, a health plan, or just a change in eating habits. Believe me, wording changes everything, even the way other people perceive you. Let me give you an example. I became a vegan about a year ago because I was having stomach problems. When I would tell people that I was no longer eating animal products, all of them thought that I had gone on a diet. This drew criticisms left and right because I'm already really thin, so people thought I was becoming anorexic and they chastised me for dieting when I really didn't need to. I fixed everything with two small sentences:

"I'm not dieting. I'm following a nutrition plan to eat healthier."

That made a world of difference! Suddenly I wasn't vain and anorexic. Now I was healthy and fit. Some people even started asking for advice on how to eat better.

See? It's all in the wording. So don't tell anyone you're going on a diet. Tell them you're on your way to better eating habits. Also, keep in mind that if you don't see it as a diet, you will be more likely to stick to it since you won't feel the need to escape.

Dive right in

When trying to lose weight it is important that you are fully committed to it, otherwise the only thing you'll lose is time. Remember, you are on your way to better eating habits, so do everything in accordance to it. The first thing you will want to do is clear your house of any "bad" foods. Don't bring temptation to your fortress. Get rid of all foods you know you shouldn't eat and don't buy anything you shouldn't eat. If you feel from time to time that you MUST have a bad snack, buy something small. Don't buy a whole box and then take it home where it will be easily accessible for you to succumb to your dark desires.

Get rid of your fat pants for extra incentive to lose weight
Get rid of your fat pants for extra incentive to lose weight

Don't keep your fat pants

My mom is silly. For as long as I can remember, she has always been on a "diet." She has been all sizes starting from 8 all the way to 16. Because she was always yo-yo dieting, her sizes would change continuously and dramatically, so she was always hesitant to get rid of the bigger sizes since she never knew when she would need them again.

She became vegan (yeah, I pulled her in) and lost a lot of weight. I persuaded her to donate her big clothes to a thrift shop because I was sure she wasn't going to need them again. Later on, she confessed to me that getting rid of her "fat pants" had been a big incentive for keeping her new eating habits. She now sees herself as slim woman because she doesn't have the reminder in her closet of the pounds that haunted her for years.

Don't be afraid to fail

To fail is human, and in the course of your weight loss quest, you will fall at what point or another. I'm not trying to be a pessimistic. I'm simply trying to warn you ahead of time, so that when you fall, you will get up again. You will sometimes succumb to your cravings and eat the delicious fried Oreo smothered in chocolate. Just remember: it's okay. Get up and start again! Just because you fell doesn't mean you have to stay down. Get up, tall and proud to start over again. Don't give up!

No excuses

Losing weight is all about accepting responsibility for your choices. It's your body, you decide what you put in it. Some lose the weight loss battle because:

  • my husband doesn't support me
  • my wife keeps buying goodies and I keep eating them
  • my work schedule doesn't allow for healthy eating or exercise

and so on, and so forth...

It's easier to spread blame than to accept it. Remember, it's your body. You're the one that's going to have to live with it, so take care of it and take charge of your choices.

If you want to lose weight, don't treat your body as a trash can
If you want to lose weight, don't treat your body as a trash can

You're body is not a trash can

I shouldn't even have to mention this one, but I feel that is something that must be said to change some attitudes. No one in their right mind would treat their body as a trash can, right?

Let me give you an example:
My friend went shopping to Costco. Her little son got a sample of some cookies they were giving out. The kid tasted it and didn't like it, so he gave it to mom. Mom looked around to find a trash can, but there weren't any in sight. She looked at the cookie, realized she wasn't supposed to eat it, but since there weren't any trash cans around, she ATE IT! NOOOOOO! Your body is not a trash can!

It's amazing how many times we do stuff like that. We feel bad for throwing away goodies that we shouldn't eat, so we just stuff them in our body, as if that was a better place for it.

How to lose weight

Losing weight is not an easy battle, especially because the battle is against you and your cravings. But keep in mind that you are the owner of you, and by following the principles listed above, I can assure you will be successful!

Happy weight loss quest!


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    • Marilisa profile image

      Marilisa Sachteleben 3 years ago from Grand Haven, Michigan

      Yes, yes, yes! From 100 pounds lost I echo a loud " right on!" to all of these.