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How to Lose Weight Fast with Dieting and Never Gain Weight Again.

Updated on August 11, 2014

The Best Way To Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently

Let’s lose some weight, starting now, not tomorrow. Rule number one on how to lose weight; Never “plan” to start losing weight tomorrow, because today is always a good day to start.

A study carried out by the university of Florida in 2010 suggests that the best way to lose weight,that is long term weight loss and maintenance, is to lose weight quickly, not gradually.

Apart from taking the first step, the biggest challenge is usually how to lose weight in the quickest possible time, and keep the weight off for the longest possible time.

A proper diet regimen should always be an important aspect of weight loss, but it should by no means be the only aspect.

Other factors such as, exercise,ypur sleep pattern,the timing of your daily meals, as well as supplementing your daily diet with the right types of vitamins and minerals, should also be important contributing factors, to the perfect weight loss routine.A balanced combination of all factors, can be the best way to lose weight in the quickest period of time.

To help you along with all you need, on how to lose weight fast, I will emphasize on the importance of taking the first step. Let me give you a simple, beginner's one week diet strategy. Remember this routine, is safe and healthy and actually quite easy to do.

I am aware of how slimming down can seem tough, and complex. For many years, I was over weight, and I had to face the many challenges that can come with dealing with excess weight that you don’t really want.I seriously started seeking how to lose weight rapidly, and in a healthy way.

Everything started to change when I became a track and field athlete. In the end my experience and knowledge as an ex-professional, track and field athlete, a fitness trainer and a diet consultant, really helped me lose weight fast and keep it that way.

The following weight loss strategy is something that I hope will help you as well, by addressing most of your pressing questions about the best way to lose weight, and keep the weight off for as long as you want.

I have devised a stage by stage method that will be easy for you to comprehend, and follow for your first one week. My goal is simply to get you started, which is usually the second hardest part of weight loss.The hardest part is usually sustaining your achieved weight loss.I will show you how.With this strategy,the possibilities are endless.

How to Diet Successfully for Weight Reduction

  • Take your first weight loss steps.
  • Lose weight fast and healthily.
  • Undertake your weight loss with ease and results.
  • Maintain your achieved weight reduction with a daily meal plan.

Healthy Diets That Burn Calories Fast

This is a very broad area because it involves your daily meals. I will address this aspect broadly here.To lose weight fast, not gradually, is the target here.

  1. Always Begin your day with fruits and a cup of unsweetened green tea with skimmed milk, or green tea sweetened with a natural sweetener, and whole wheat bread and fruits. Either one will do.Consistently eating too rich,heavy breakfasts over a long period of time,can have a negative effect on your weight, and health in general.
  2. Let your heaviest meal of the day, be your lunch. Your dinner should consist mainly of fish, chicken (without skin), salads without dressing and end with green tea and fruits. Your lunch should be low on oils and high in proteins and fiber.

All meals should end by, or before 7pm. Any eating after that should be water based fruits.

That was a quick summary, just to give you the general idea. The diet program below will give you a more detailed view of how to lose weight with diet.

Using Watermelon and Other Fruits to Drop Pounds


Quick Weight Loss Program

One medium bowl of whole wheat cereal with skimmed milk. Two oranges before the meal and a cup of pure green tea after the meal.
Soup of any kind; but with plenty of vegetables, cooked with mackerel
One large slice of watermelon. A cup herbal green tea with skimmed milk and diet biscuits.
A cup of green tea with skimmed milk and one small slice of brown bread. One banana after the meal.
Beans to be eaten with plenty of vegetables and fish.
Two apples and One large piece of Fish or chicken or liver. A cup of green tea.
A bowl of oats with skimmed milk .Two oranges, and a cup of green tea without milk after the meal.
Brown rice(small portion)cooked with Mackerel fish, or skinned chicken. This is to be eaten with large portions of vegetables, e.g. (cabbage, cucumber, carrots, green peas, etc.)Take an apple before meal.
One slice of watermelon. One cup of herbal tea.(green tea)with kimmed milk and unsweetened crackers.
A cup of green tea with skimmed milk and one serving of egg whites. A small slice of whole wheat bread and a slice of watermelon.
Soup of any kind, cooked with fish or skinned chicken, to be eaten with a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade .Eat one apple before meal.
A bowl of vegetable salad garnished with sardines. One apple and a cup of green tea (plain).
A cup of green tea with skimmed milk and a small slice of wheat bread. one apple and two oranges after meal.
Brown rice with a mixed vegetable salad dressed in olive oil.
One cup of green tea with skimmed milk. One large slice watermelon one medium sized piece of fish or skinned chicken
A bowl of whole wheat cereal with skimmed milk .A cup of green tea after the meal. One apple after the meal.
Boiled Irish potatoes to be cooked with fish and fresh vegetables.
One cup of skimmed milk with green tea and one apple.
A cup of skimmed milk with green tea .Slices of watermelon and cucumber.
Small portion of brown rice.This is to be cooked and eaten with a rich vegetable salad with minimal dressing, and a vegetable sauce cooked with fish.
Watermelon, pineapple and apples. (As much as you feel like).

Hundred Percent Diet Plan to Burn Fat

You can try your best to follow the above diet plan accurately at a hundred percent.My own experience has shown me that when it is followed strictly, for at least the first four to five weeks,then the rest will be simpler and quicker.Which means you will burn fat even quicker after that.

Learning how to diet to burn off excess fat and keep it that way,has now been made as simple as you can hope for.

Your diet begins now.


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    • kenyaentrepreneur profile image

      Daniel Long 2 years ago from All Over

      This is incredibly useful. Do you have any tips for gaining weight and keeping it? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Jen 3 years ago

      Hi! What kind of soup do you recommend?