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How to quickly lose weight and water retention

Updated on October 31, 2012

They Tempt you but remember they kill you

Instant Noodles, Pasta, Macaroni
Instant Noodles, Pasta, Macaroni
Salt,Baking Powder, Baking Soda
Salt,Baking Powder, Baking Soda

How to Lose Weight

These Tips will definitely work faster if followed properly:

1. Avoid Food high in sodium Content : Many suffer not from being over weight , but because their body suffers from water retention.

To remove the excess bloat in the body AVOID

1. Instant Noodles , Any ready made soup makers, magic masalas that are substitutes to the masalas made at home. Ready made soups, pastas, macaroni as the tastemakers used in them are also very rich in Sodium.

2. Avoid too much of Table Salt, baking powder and baking Soda as salt is the number one in sodium content and can lead to high blood pressure in people. Bloating in the body will also decrease if you substitute this salt with rock salt or black salt, or a sprinking of lemon in your gravies and salads.

3. Avoid White Rice or if you really really love eating rice trying to boil the rice and remove the starch water. As the starch in the rice is what increases your body weight to shoot up. IF you need to get into that fitting party dress the previous two days avoid rice completely and your belly will be much more flatter.

4. Avoid too many ready-made sauces, soy sauce and salad dressings. Read the nutritional facts and only go for the healthier options in these sauces if you really depend on them. Dress your salads with lemon juice, vinegar or pepper and salt.

Hate Them and you'll love your Body!

Salami,Bacon, Ham, Sausages
Salami,Bacon, Ham, Sausages
Salad Dressing
Salad Dressing

5. Salami, Bacon, sausages frozen processed food are complete no-no s as they are preserved for a long time in salt and are very high in sodium content. Fresh meat is any day a safer option as the salt content is less.

6. Avoid Snacks, chips,cheese and fast food joints if you want to see a quick change in your body. Cheese though yummy to the taste buds is dangerous as it increases the cholesterol levels. Opt for calorie free low fat butter, home made snacks and fries and shallow fry dishes rather than deep frying them in oil.

7. Drink lots and lots of Water: This is the easiest, most natural non-fussy way of maintaining your health, body and skin, as it flushes out toxins from your body. Lack of water in the body leads to water retention and causes complications. Replenish and repair your body by reminding yourself to drink water whenever possible.

8. Just 20 Minutes of Exercise: This can work wonders. If you are too lazy and laid back to try walking, jogging, exercising and getting into a serious Yoga Program try taking your pet for a walk.Or spend time with children outdoors- a short game of football, basketball , any game as long as you are on your toes, it helps.

Eat Foods that are good for you like lots and lots of vegetables and fruits, an occasional meat and potato dinner, dark chocolates( not the whole bar a 2-3 pieces as dessert).

Avoid Red Meat, stick to lean meat such as fish and chicken.

Have Fruit juice , butter milk, barley water as these bring down water retention.

Replace your ice creams with sweet yogurt.

Surya Namaskara - The Steps

One Exercise - Complete Body Workout
One Exercise - Complete Body Workout

9. Suryanamaskara ( YOGA) : Instead of giving up on any exercise program just try the Suryanamaskara- One single exercise from the Yoga program that works on all parts of your body. Start with a round of 4-5 rounds of the Surya namaskara. The day you reach 108 surya namaskaras your body will be a very very sexy one. I swear this will work though the first few days you may be tempted to give up as your body will feel like it has been wrung dry in the washing machine. ( and you may secretly take pain killers the first 2-3 days. Just start of doing it once or twice the first time. This Works...

10. Love Yourself : This is the most important thing to learn first. This rule has to be followed. IF you don't love yourself you'll never try to follow these tips and will give up half way as you lack self -respect and motivation. Stand tall be confident and walk around as if you rule the World. Look in the mirror and tell yourself positive things about your self. Avoid people who'll poke fun at you and put you down. Learn to be around friends and loved ones who'll support and encourage you.

So start on these tips right now and let me know if it works for you as it did for me.... You'll love your body and the compliments you receive......

Don't give up even if you are tempted to!!!!!


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    • ALUR profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Thanks for informative hub. On a superficial level I know these things are the culprits to the ying yang cycle of my health, but as many others, I am admittedly lazy and always craving. however, with mind fullness(when I remember) I tend to be more careful!

      Thanks. You're welcome to read/rate my hubs as well!


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