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How to lose weight in one week safely.

Updated on November 23, 2013

Bears are people too

I am not talking about stuffed bears or am I?
I am not talking about stuffed bears or am I? | Source

Weight loss is perfectly natural.

I do not think most people want to get rid of the bulging muscles in their abdomen and biceps. So let us be clear we are speaking of fat weight here, not healthy muscle.

Let us take a fantastic trip into the world of nature. Natural weight loss is a beautiful thing that happens all around us in nature. And so it is that natural weight gain is also all around us. My two favorite examples are human mothers to be and bears in the wild.

Bears love to forage and gorge themselves in the late summer and early fall. A single bear can put on 200 pounds during this time. I am talking about a perfectly healthy fully active bear. Then at some time the food dries up and snow covers the ground and ice is on the bears fishing creek. Then the big old fat bear waddles off somewhere and sleeps. Probably not straight through winter but a lot like someone with a bad flu for a few days, never really up. When the bear emerges into the spring thaw he looks like and actually has lost all the weight he put on in fall.

Natural weight change is cool

Pregnant ladies are awesome how they just do what they need to do. They nest, they rest more and of course they put on the glorious pounds they may need in caring and breastfeeding their young. Their boobs, their bellies, their tummies, their rears and even the legs and arms gain weight if the stay natural. Then the beautiful birth comes and the mother is exhausted and beginning to work “her butt” of taking care of her baby. In the natural course she will return to her mating size after about a year. (but hey it won’t be exactly the same – as nothing after a baby)

Here is what we learn from the mother and the bear. It is normal to gain the weight and it is normal to lose the weight. It is natural in both cases, and there are many more instances throughout nature.

This is a fat man. With seven children crawling all over him.

You rub that belly and you will make money!!!
You rub that belly and you will make money!!! | Source

New and Fresh is the best!

I used the human mother as one example to try to get us to see that humans are natural, unless they are not. Let us drop back by our skinny bear. He will be in his prime weight in about 2 months. He will not yet have put back on the two hundred pounds he gained in fall. Why? The bear is experiencing big variations in temperature, in the early spring the bear needs to cruise around a lot to find all he needs. And the food he finds are fresh brand new growths and fruits. The fish he captures are young and have little fat stored. In other words the cells that he is now consuming are young fresh full of life cells, and he is having to work hard to get enough.

The natural mother will be up a great deal at night. She will have many chores to do if she does not have “help” or machines or a husband to do them all. She will be bending stooping and carrying and busy cleaning and cuddling. The natural mother will also be busy gathering the freshest foods and preparing them by hand in order assure no chemicals or toxins dare get in her milk.

We Have Blue Skies Ahead

As long as I can hike around this old planet and capture beauty like this -- I am not too fat.
As long as I can hike around this old planet and capture beauty like this -- I am not too fat. | Source

Be proud of your extra weight and be proud you are in a season to lose it. If it is a natural it is all good!

If you act like the bear and the mother should and do naturally you too can lose weight. The bear not so easily done unless you have winters off and can go days and days without food. But the mother analogy is spot on. I know I started in the title by saying in one week. And I mean it. If you can just stay all holistic like the above and add to that, a 45 minute walk a day. Ten pushups, ten sit-ups and gentle reach for the sky and touch your toes(or knees) morning and night you will in fact lose weight in a week.

So you will need to shop daily for vegetables and fruits. You cannot eat old stuff period. I do not care what you eat as long as it is fresh. The really cool thing that goes with this remarkable natural life is youth. I have only logic, but it seem that if you only put into your body young cells – well, think about it.

Some doctor told my wife that this kid is fat.

I met the doctor and doubt he could hike the two miles to get here -- see the point?
I met the doctor and doubt he could hike the two miles to get here -- see the point? | Source

Let me back up once again.

I think my wife has gained a few pounds. I think probably from 87 up to near ninety pounds. I think she will stay there until about early March. It is just her winter issue of extra. Thank God. But here is a truth that I must reflect and pass on.

My wife is a income tax specialist for H&R Block. She works her tail off for about four months doing taxes. She is really good at it and I do not mind so much that my son is an orphan during that time and that I am a widower. hihihihi. But the point I hope you catch is that we have seasons in our years. I always wonder why a coach cares about a reporting weight for a Pro Football lineman. I would not want him burning all that off until say late September.

The exercises that are minimal and mentioned above will do something. It will actually form a muscle mass under your baby belly and other fat. And then whamo kazamo it will be there when you do shed extra weight. Cool huh!?

Go ahead and take this poll I dare you!

Are you happy with your weight

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Do not you see, you are beautiful to me. I just love you.

I do not care that you look better than me. I do not care that I am ugly.

There is a point in time that our only concern regarding weight is just who we are. If we do not love ourselves then we are fat slobs. If we do not see beauty beneath the skin then we are not worthy to love our own skin. We are born to be different. We are born to be beautiful and we are born to love. Can you please step in front of a mirror and try to love yourself more that me?

You are so ugly and I am more ugly and that is just nonsense. You are a sweet dream to me. You are everything you need to be.

So if you are worried about your weight. Look at me, I am fat: But my heart rate is perfect and my pulse is right on. And my blood pressure is outstanding and my cholesterol is worthy of celebration. ((( there is one thing -- maybe my fat went to my brain '-))) Aside from that I will bother my wife and children and siblings and their children until they are long gone.

The folks I hang out with are skinny and good for them. I love them. How about you love you.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Thank you my new friend. It is really sad but I have a healthy new weight. The trouble is I do not look like the models in the magazines :-)

      The funny part is, my son is a model in the magazines.

      Keeping it real.

    • profile image

      OanaBoteanu 5 years ago

      Couldn't agree more. Keep it natural and you will see the results.

      Thanks for this, great hub. Voting up