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How to lose weight as fast as possible

Updated on December 27, 2010

How to lose weight quick and easy

One of the most natural, quickest and easiest way to lose weight is through exercise. In this hub, i will be focusing on only one simple but effective exercise which is jogging.

How to lose weight jogging

Jogging is an activity that many people enjoy. It is one of the best ways to keep fit. Many more people could learn to enjoy this cardiovascular exercise if they would learn how to jog properly. If you plan to start jogging, then endeavour to practice it correctly, and make sure you try jogging long enough to give it a chance. Jogging becomes much more enjoyable after your skill and endurance improve.

Things you should do before jogging are:

1. Warm up by doing a fast walk.
2. Learn your own best pace: learn how fast or slow you should run to raise your heart rate to your threshold of training.

Techniques of Jogging

The foot action for jogging is not the same for fast running. In jogging, you land on the heel or on the entire foot. Then you rock forward and push off with the ball of the foot followed by the toes. Failure to do this may cause sore shins or calves.

Swing your legs and feet straight forward. Do not let the feet turn out to the sides. Feet and legs out of alignment cause unnecessary strain on the joints and muscles. If you want to learn How to lose weight quick and easy you should try to master these techniques. Continue reading...

When jogging, step further than your normal walking step.

Swing your arms straightforward and backward. Do not swing them across your body. Your arms should be bent at the elbows, and the hands should be relaxed. Try to keep the shoulders relaxed.

Your trunk should remain fairly straight when jogging . Do not lean forward as you would in a fast sprint.
Keep moving to allow your muscles to help pump the blood in your legs back to your heart. Walking around for a while is better than sitting or lying down at the end of your run.

If possible, use a running track, grassy places, or dirt path that are easy on the feet and legs. If you jog indoors, wooden floors are easier on the feet than concrete.

Weight loss DVDs

You can learn how to lose weight as fast as possible through jogging if you practice properly using the above techniques. If you have other jogging techniques or other weight loss exercises you can share them via the comments capsule below.

Check out these amazing weight loss DVDS on the right. I have used them and they worked for me.

Which methods have you previously tried to lose weight

Which methods have you previously tried to lose weight?

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