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How to lose weight with the Dukan diet

Updated on March 18, 2012

Help to lose weight with an healthy eating plan

We know celebrities are on weight loss programme all the time and because of their slander figures we want to copy their diet plan and just being like them . Well, apparently the ultimate slimming plan that is taking UK by storm is the Dukan diet which has, among its most devoted fan Carole Middleton, mother of Kate Duchess of Cambridge.Today, this relatively unknown weight loss plan has been the most trendy in the UK.

The Dukan diet has been very popular in France for over 10 years and it is probably the secret behind those elegant and svelte figures that many French women have. In this article we will look at this revolutionary healthy eating plan that many claim to be so successful.

This diet satisfies anyone who wants to lose weight fast. Infact it is designed to make you lose weight immediately after the first week and reverse in a structure eating regime for the rest of the diet period.

The slimming programme is based on a high protein food that the wannabe slimmer must eat exclusively for the first week following a gradual introduction of vegetable and fibre during the remaining 3 phases of the programme. In any given phase the regime will introduce new food but what links all the different parts of the diet is eating just proteins food for one or more days, depend on the stage .

What is good of this diet is the fact that does not force someone to starve and it has a long term effect because the regime does not finish when you lose the weight but it is carefully studied to prevent the body to re-gain it. Furthermore, because it is not a diet per se but a eating regime, it preserves all the nutrients our body needs to function.

The main aspects of the diet

So this is the diet in a brief summary:

Attack phase: It consists of eating proteins for 5 days . Fish, meet, eggs are all welcome. Drink water and plenty of that at least 1.5 litres and also eat one tablespoon of oat bran per day. When your body is adjusting it is very common to feel tired so avoid exercises or limit your physical activities but make sure to walk for at least 20 minutes every day. Eating exclusively proteins can cause constipation that is why oat bran is so important: make sure to introduce it as soon as you start. This phase can last more than 5 days between 5 and 10 days it depends on how your body reacts to the diet.

Some of the food suggested :

Lean ham



Veal/chicken liver

Eggs ( up to two per day. Whites can be eat as much as you want but watch carefully if you have cholesterol )

Herbs, garlic, lemon to spice up, sweeteners but not the ones that are fructose based, tea and coffee in moderation, ketchup in moderation, sugar free chewing gum.

Cruise phase

After finishing the 5 days the Cruise phase starts which consist in altering only protein days with proteins and vegetable days. In this phase one is supposed to lose most of the weight really quickly but obviously is different from one person to another. This phase consists of introducing vegetables in meals to eat proteins ideally for 5 days alternating 5 days of just proteins. Apparently this is not a strict rule but can be 1 day only proteins follow by one day proteins and vegetables or 2 days of only proteins and 3 of proteins and vegetables. It is possible to increase the oat bran to 2 table spoon per day and to reintroduce a moderate regime of exercise. All the vegetables are fine except for potatoes, carrots and beetroots in moderate quantities.

Consolidation period

The consolidation period starts when you have reached the desired weight and in this phase the food regime plan introduces some of the most desired food in moderate quantities. One of the positive aspects of this diet is recognition that one cannot stays on diet all his/her life. So it doesn’t deny the pleasure of eating some cheese, pizza, pasta and generally speaking all those food that contains starch and fat. There are some specific quantities to respect along with your proteins only day that in phase 3 is just one day per week to avoid re-gain the lost weight. You can introduce pasta and bread as long as are whole grain and the pasta must be cooked al dente because the body will take more time to digest it. Follow some common sense when cooking pasta: avoid cream and butter. Some food to avoid are rice and potatoes.

Stabilisation stage

The forth phase is called stabilisation and it really involves stick to some simple rules to avoid regain the weight. Those who reach this stage have not only lost weight but have also learnt to keep it off.

Maintain a protein day one per week.

Stay active and keep a good healthy exercise regime. Even if you are not into sports make sure to do some physical activities like climbing the steps, walking atleast 20 minutes per day ect.

Avoid all the junkies food and try to maintain an healthy diet

Eat slowly and plenty of water

Avoid having second helpings .

And if you gain weight just eat proteins for two days instead of one it should sort the problem out.


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    • laral profile image

      laral 5 years ago from England

      Everyone of us is different but usually it works pretty well. It's important to stick with the entire plan and don't give up the first week.

      Thank you for leave me a feedback.

    • profile image

      sue campbell 5 years ago

      Have only lost 3 lb after a 7 day attach phase my friend lost 10lb ?

    • profile image

      Richard Gross 5 years ago

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    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      Thank you stars439. I read your profile and I was quite moved by that. Given your personal challengers what you have achieved in Hubpages is extraordinary. God bless you all! I would read some of your hubs in my free time. You are an excellent writer!!

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Very nice hub,and wonderful discussion. God Bless You.