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How to lose weight without exercise

Updated on November 23, 2015

Before we begin, let's get one thing straight, I am certainly not condoning that you should not exercise. In fact, I believe exercise is really amazing and everyone should try to do it as often as possible. However, exercise is not the only factor that contributes to weight loss. The types of food we eat plays a major role in the amount of weight we lose or gain on a daily basis.

Many people don’t like to hear the word “diet” because diet usually results in given up the treats that you love the most. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to diet or exercise in order to lose weight; one simply needs to make better lifestyle choices.

Here are some medically proven secrets that will help to boost your body's metabolism and reduce any unwanted weight gain. Simply adapt these habits and make them your own and your overall well-being and physical appearance will improve:

1. Consume the appropriate meal portions.

Reduction in the portion size of the meals we eat can contribute significantly to weight loss with minimal disruption of personal lifestyle. Unlike a military diet which is very difficult to maintain over an extended period of time, reducing meal portions is far more sustainable.

According to the National Institute of Health: In order to accommodate our supersized lifestyle, there has been a significant increase in food meal portions in the last 20 years. Consequently, our caloric intake has increased.

For example, twenty years ago, a box of popcorn was approximately 270 calories in comparison to a regular movie bucket of popcorn today which has 630 calories.

The picture below is a guide put together by WebMD to assist you with consuming the correct portions based on the type of food item, but comparable sizes generally include; a deck of cards or a baseball. Consuming portions larger than that may be more than the body requires.

Food portion size guide


2. Eat more often

One of the advantages of eating the appropriate meal portion is that you get to eat more frequently on a daily basis. So instead of consuming a large proportion of food in one general setting, it is recommended that you separate your meals and eat healthy snacks in between. Hence, the body does not store fat because it will be constantly processing food and when it’s time to have your meal you will not have the appetite to eat a large amount at once.

Eat More Often for Maximum Weight Loss

3.Stay away from soda

Research as shown that soda contributes to weight gain, lower intakes of other nutrients and many other health problems such as; diabetes, tooth decay, kidney disease, heart disease, hypertension and much more.

If your goal is weight loss, then it is very important to stay away from soda, substitute soda for bottled water. Most facilities today offer courtesy cups of water. In addition, cutting back on soda is not only beneficial to your body it’s also beneficial to your pocket because drinking water is much cheaper.


3.Reduce fast food consumption.

I think we all know that the processing off meat in today’s fast food industry has contributed significantly to many of today’s health issues including obesity. Eating fast food more than once per week will result in long term health issues. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should not eat a burger but it’s best to make it on your own home grill with meat that is properly processed.


5.Eat healthier items

Have you ever been to a restaurant and upon arrival they give you loads of bread? It’s a trick so you feel full while waiting patiently for your meal to be prepared. Majority of the times these are nothing but empty calories, which offers nothing substantial to our body. Hence, its best to fill up on healthier substances such as salad and soup and you will find yourself consuming more food and shredding the pounds simultaneously.

6.Trash your food.

If you did not know, many times when you’re eating and you feel full this is usually a sign to put down the fork and stop. For most people this is an opportunity to challenge themselves, they unbutton their pants, inhale and then go for the final bite.

When you find yourself in this situation it is important to resist the urge and forget about what your mom told you when you were younger, don’t challenge yourself and clean the plate.

If you are full and there is not enough food left back, feel free to trash it or save it for later and give your body time to process the food that you’ve already consumed.

7.Drink more water

Drinking water enhances weight loss for two simple reasons: when you drink water it makes you feel full, it contains no calories and also offer health benefits for digestive system and skin.

There is absolutely no downside to drinking water. I usually carry a bottle of water where ever I go, I think everyone should do the same.

Drink Water


8.Go for the best stuff

There is a major issue in today’s society about affordable access to food options which contributes to the body’s health and well-being and for good reason. Meat products with less organic produce or fat are always more expensive.

But, I believe that even though the cost for healthier food might be costly on a short term basis, in the long run it will definitely work out cheaper because healthier foods minimizes health risk and reduces weight gain.

9. Sleep more

Research has shown that a lack of sleep contributes to weight gain. When our bodies don’t get enough rest it requires a lot more energy to stay awake and as a result more food is consumed.

So, rest up!

Top 5 Reasons Why Getting More Sleep Boosts Fat Loss

Concluding, forget about these crazy diets adapt and embrace a healthier lifestyle and you will reap the long term “weight loss” rewards.

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