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How to Lose Weight Without Exercise — I Did!

Updated on February 21, 2017
How I lost weight with nearly no exercise, just proper eating habits. Diet forever.
How I lost weight with nearly no exercise, just proper eating habits. Diet forever. | Source

This is an account of how I was able to lose weight permanently without exercise after making some lifestyle changes that included:

  • Eating at least two hours before I go to sleep
  • No more alcohol
  • No more deep fried and oily food
  • No more fast food burgers
  • No more mayonnaise
  • Hardly ever eating pork

Please note this is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle change that will last forever once you build the habits.

Here's My Story:

After moving to the Philippines from Spain five years ago, I started getting bloating, indigestion, headaches, etc.

My body was reacting to harmful food. Up until that point, the way I was eating had been fine, but there was a moment when it became too much and I actually started "poisoning" myself.

I'd always had a sensitive stomach since I was a kid, so there was something building up in my body. Perhaps I drank too much wine with Coca Cola during my teenage years and my acidity level jumped to maximum levels.

So when I came to Manila where it's so common to eat fried chicken, fast food burgers, and pork in every meal . . . my body couldn't take it anymore and exploded. I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, a precancerous disease that increases the risk of cancer if not taken care of.

I got so scared that I quit eating most kinds of food that could trigger acidity, according to what I read online. I elevated the head of my bed so that my body was slanted while I slept, stopped doing ab exercises as my doctor advised, and took a large amount of omeprazole medicines daily.

I went cold turkey and lost so much weight that my face shrank and I got wrinkles and a sickly aspect. When they saw me, people around me worried about my health.

That kind of weight loss was definitely too much, but it was a reaction to my shocking diagnosis.

So I lost a lot of weight at first, but afterwards I learned how to eat properly and gained a healthy amount of weight back to where I can see my muscles and be nice to look at with or without any clothes.

In the process, I learned more about nutrition and permanently removed some foods from the diet that I had been regularly eating.

Note that I'm talking about permanent changes in my diet. This is because a short-term diet, the kind you only follow for a while, doesn't work for weight loss. After you finish the diet you will go back to your old weight. So what's the use of all the suffering, right?

The permanent changes I made were:

  • Eat at least two hours before I go to sleep
  • No more alcohol
  • No more deep fried and oily food
  • No more fast food burgers
  • No more mayonnaise
  • Hardly ever eat pork

It was hard at the beginning but after a while, it became a natural thing and my body and mind would reject any of those old eating habits.

Now I've reduced my meds to half of what I was taking at first and now I even just take them once in a while, because I have learned to eat healthier and that's makes my cells and my body happier.

This also translates into a happier mind. And no more stomachaches! And now I have a sexy body without feeling like I need to exercise if I don't want to.


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    • NathaNater profile image


      22 months ago

      Great story and good job getting healthy again.


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