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How to lose weight in a month without dieting

Updated on November 16, 2012
Person working in a office
Person working in a office

Can i really lose weight without dieting

Yes ! we can surely lose weight without any dieting but you have to take proper diet means a balanced diet.Every person have a different lifestyle diet is always should be taken in a way that much we need.Our tongue's taste is our enemy it is responsible for every harmful effect on our body as our body's immune system is attached to our diet. If a person is a laborer his/her diet is different from a man working in a office & and also diet of a growing child is different from an adult .


During morning time a cup of milk or herbal tea should be taken instead a cup of coffee. Breakfast should be light and two sandwiches having green leaf and there should not be any oily thing in it , you can use sausages of mint leafs,unriped mango(Green Mango), fruits like banana,apple, a bunch of grapes, curd,etc . means you diet should be healthy non oily and balanced.Breakfast diet should have more calories than lunch and lunch diet should less than breakfast and more than dinner. If you are non-vegetarian than diet having high fats and calories should be avoided and should be taken according to your work. A diet of laborer is more than a person working in a office.

Proper sitting posture should be adopted
Proper sitting posture should be adopted

Tips that will help you

  • While working a office try to avoid sitting for a long time on chair.
  • Take a break while working long time in front of computer.
  • Change your sitting posture after every 10 minutes.
  • Try to use balance ball chairs it will really help you to strengthen your body and in losing weight in office.

Normal exercises

In morning you should devote 1/2 hour in exercises. And exercises are as important as water for our life.Its the exercises that keep us in shape and keep us healthy.

  1. In morning jogging for minimum 15 minutes.(warm up)
  2. Try to touch your feet's for 2 mins
  3. Push ups for 5mins
  4. Buy a CD of yoga and do it daily consider it as important as your food.

cleaning floor by yourself instead of vaccum cleaner
cleaning floor by yourself instead of vaccum cleaner
Ploughing soil using handtools
Ploughing soil using handtools

Simple techniques that you haven't heard to lose weight

Do not remain free in home always do something in free time like you can plough soil for kitchen garden or in your yard with hand tools like in the picture hand plougher.You can help your wife in cleaning floor with hands using floor cleaning broom.You can cut grass of your garden by using machine that has no motor but only blades run by pushing it.Means you have to do a lot of things using your body power


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