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How to make Lemonade

Updated on January 28, 2016

Okay then lets imagine it's a hot summers day what drink would you really fancy I bet it is a nice homemade lemonade, I am going to tell how to make them to perfection so please if you are willing to make a nice drink I.E homemade lemonade then read this, if you're not up for making lemonade then please read this as it could give ideas for the future, if your allergic to lemons then please follow the steps below but cancelling out the lemons, you will be left with a nice refreshing glass of surgery water anyway back to lemonade. Homemade lemonade is much healthier for you than bottled lemonade as it contains real lemon juice and doesn't contain all those nasty additive and artificial colourings. Lemonade is really easy to and is a great Idea for if you having a party as It doesn't take long to make and then all you have to do is put it in the fridge, how easy is that. You may have to spend money on the ingredients which if you add up may be more than a bottle but if you buy a bottle you are not having as much fun. Another idea could be that if you are reasonably young then you could start you own lemonade stand outside your house and make some money from this so read on to find out how to make lemonade.

You should probably get these ingredients to start

You will Need: 4 unwaxed lemons, 100g sugar, 700ml - 900ml Boiling water

Right, lets go!.. Zesting

For this step you will need a micro plain. you could even use a grater but remember to use the finest side. to get the zest off the lemons you rub the micro plain down the lemon and you will notice little piece of yellow zest coming off, collect these in a bowl as there really give off good flavour


Now then for this next step you will have to put some effort in unless you have a juicer then it plain sailing. Cut all the lemons in half so you should have 8 halves, now SQUEEZE!!!! the juice out as hard as you can or just plonk it in a juicer. now you have your lemon juice add this in a bowl with the zest.


This next step is easy, get out your measuring scales and pour 100g of white/brown sugar out and add it to the bowl of lemon juice and zest.

Stick the kettle on

Next, you need to pop the kettle on, measure out 700ml to 900ml of boiling water out and place this with the lemon juice, zest and sugar; now stir it and place in fridge for 30 - mins to 1.5hours, the time varies as if you place ice in the bowl of hot lemonade then it will cool much quicker.

Waiting time

Once the 30min - 1.5 hours has been reached(whenever you are satisfied its cool enough) pour the lemonade out into a bottle through a sieve(this gets rid of the zest). pour into a glass by tipping the bottle, put the lid on the bottle and place in the fridge


Drink it...


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