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How to make Miracle Fruit Juice

Updated on July 23, 2015

The Miracle Fruit "Calabash"


The MIracle Fruit, "Calabash"

The Calabash fruit is becoming known today. In the Philippines, it's most common in Mindanao areas. The first time I've heard about it when I was in Davao City, I've lived in the City for almost 10 years but how come it took a long time to know about this fruit?

There was a study of a group of students of Notredame University Dadiangas that this miracle fruit has a cure to the different illness. It was published to "Manila Bulleting News" in the Philippines, titled "Cancer cure seen in Miracle Tree".

Before making the juice, I tried to do my research about its contents. I have found out that it is rich in vitamins & minerals. Vitamins C, B1 and calcium, potassium & iron are present. It is said that it can cure cancer because of flavonoids found in the extract," the quercetin and anthraquinone,"" phytochemicals for antiangiogenic activities, a process that inhibits the growth of new blood vessels in the body."

However, it is not advisable to pregnant women for it use to induce labor.

My father planted a miracle tree in his garden, the one given by my aunt and I think after 3 years it blooms and started to bear fruits and it's continuing to bloom.

Finally. we can pick and start the juicing.

How did I learn the juicing?

Originally, my Aunt Rose from Kabankalan City had grown about 3 to 4 trees already. They picked a fruit and cut into two just like a coconut. They scraped it and put it in a casserole, no water. Just boil it for 30 min to 1 hour and it will produce its extract just like wine.

My father planted the miracle tree in his garden, the one given by my aunt and I think after 3 years it blooms and started to bear fruits and it's continuing to bloom. It's not seasonal.

What it taste like?

The fresh calabash meat tastes like Guyabano. There is a mixture of sweet and sour taste.

But when boiled, it taste better like WINE.


How to make Juice

It is very easy to juice this miracle fruit.

When juicing, we don't need a "JUICER". How great is that. A medium casserole is fine.

Here are other things that you need:

1) Strainer

2) An empty wine bottle or A pitcher



  1. Cut the the miracle fruit in the middle, just like cutting a coconut but this time is in horizontal direction.
  2. Get a spoon and scrape it, put in a casserole. Turn on the stove and boil it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please don't forget to NOT to put water for it will produce later when boiled.
  3. Let it cool and transfer to a Wine Bottle. Refrigerate.
  4. Gradually drink it, start with small amount like half of the glass first.

How to cut it?

Have you tried cutting coconuts? It is the same but you do it in a horizontal direction.

You can use a bigger knife in cutting, its shell is a little harder than you thought. Some are using saw to to perfectly cut it because the shell can be used as a motorbike helmet.

Other Uses of Shell

  • The empty shell can be use as helmets for motorbikes.
  • Can be use as bird's house
  • Use as musical instruments
  • Decorations
  • Bowls

Questions & Answer

Have you tried juicing Calabash?

See results

watch the video

Please watch the video below from you tube.


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    • profile image

      Edmund Bangit 

      6 weeks ago

      Calabash is good were it grows in the philippines

    • profile image

      Jezalyn Manlimos 

      13 months ago

      may expiration po ba ang juice? ilang weeks or buwan dapat xa maconsume?

    • juderes profile imageAUTHOR

      judalyn eres 

      17 months ago from cebu city, philippines

      Mahaharvest mo pag mature na, usually malalaki na at matigas na ang skin ng fruit

    • JhyRhia CorPuz profile image

      JhyRhia CorPuz 

      21 months ago

      hi... paano po malalaman if ok na e harvest ang isang calabash fruit?

    • juderes profile imageAUTHOR

      judalyn eres 

      23 months ago from cebu city, philippines

      Born in negros occ, grew up in Davao, and now working in cebu..the miracle fruit is now all over the Phil..even in cebu

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 

      2 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Wow interesting never heard of that type of fruit, where are you located in the Philippines kabayan?

    • profile image

      baddi,villamor padilla 

      2 years ago

      will it be possible for the collected juice not to refrigirate if they are stored in a close air tight bottles?


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