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How to make a low carb diet work for you.

Updated on February 21, 2012

Low Carb Diets

All the books on low carb dieting could fill a large set of bookshelves easily. And they all say the same thing. Eat less carbs. They go into detail about how low carb dieting works. How your body reacts to it and how you can lose weight on such a diet. To be honest it can be overwhelming. The truth is it doesn't matter how it works, all you need to know is that it does work. If you know how to follow a low carb diet you will lose weight.

What 'm going to tell you is what works for me and it can work for you too. I started this diet as my new years resolution this year and so far so good. I have lost some weight and am continuing to lose weight as I long as I stay on the diet.

#1 Change your attitude.

The first thing you need to know, you need to change your attitude about food. Low Carb Dieting eliminates many foods we love. Foods such as chocolate, cake, breads, candy, breads, and pastas. Not to mention almost any desert and sugary drinks.

Changing your attitude towards these foods will go far in keeping yourself on this diet. Now this won't be easy, but in time when you see the results and start to feel the differences in your health it gets easier.

So how can you change your attitude? Well, what I began to see was how these foods that are prohibited at first on a low carb diet are only pleasure foods, they are not needed to live. They are only foods that are something I like to eat, but I know I could survive without them and be healthier for it.

What I did do was give myself permission to eat sweets, pastas, or breads at least once a week. I did this so I wouldn't feel deprived or neglected. I basically take one day off of the Low Carb Diet every week. What I began to see happening surprised me. On that one day off, when I gave myself permission to eat anything I wanted after a couple of weeks I wasn't craving sweets as much. I didn't necessarily care if I got some bread with my meal.

This is because I changed my attitude. I actually thought that these foods were not necessary. Just a bonus on off days. Soon I came to look at the sweets and hight carb foods as Later Foods. When I say Later Foods, I would see a cookie or piece of cake and think maybe I'll have some later, for now I'll just have the low carb foods and see how I feel later.

#2 Recognize the foods that are good for a Low Carb Diet

I'm sure you already know that salads are a staple of the Low Carb Diet. The truth is they don't have to be but honestly a salad is the easiest way to get a lot of nutrients because of all the ingredients you can add to a salad that will be low carb.

My advice to you is learn to love Salads. If this in not what you wanted to hear, just bear with me. Almost all vegetables are okay for a low carb diet especially in a salad. I mean some vegetables that are considered to be higher in carbs than others once put into a salad are equivalent to not that much carbs. Just look at it this way. Something like cauliflower has more carbs than say a tomato, but the amount of cauliflower you add to a salad in minimal. So a little carbs such as this is okay. So I say add any vegetables you want to a salad it won't matter.

The other foods that are okay for a low carb diet is meats. Any meats. You can have steaks, hamburger, chicken, fish, turkey, ham.........any meats. And you can have as much as you want. The nice thing about meat is that it fills you up and keeps you full for awhile. You can also cook meat any way you want, except breaded. Meat = protein and that's a good thing. Just be sure to eat your protein with you salads as much as possible.

Great foods to add to a salad:

Lettuce : the foundation , tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, celery, cauliflower, radishes, basically any vegetables.

Cheese, any cheese, another good source of protein and calcium.

Meats, like grilled chicken or turkey or ham. Also bacon, yum.

Deviled eggs , as a matter of fact eggs are a good staple to keep in mind when on a low carb diet. such as eggs and bacon or sausage for breakfast.

Also drink lots of water and choose diet drinks over sugary drinks.

Tea is also great but use an artificial sweetener.

#4 Recognize Stay Away Foods for your Low Carb Diet.

Stay away foods are any foods with high carb content. Obviously any sugary foods are out. No candy, cakes, nuts, or seeds. While nuts are high in protein they are also high in carbs so just say NO! Remember you attitude here. Change your attitude about these foods, in time it will feel good to pass on these foods. Oh and of course no BREAD.

#5 Fiber and Sugar Alcohols

Something you can also do is look at food nutrition labels. Look at the carbohydrate content and fiber content. Fiber is not absorbed into the body but is considered a carbohydrate however, it is okay in low carb diet. So if a label says it has 26 grams of total carbs, but it has 16 grams of fiber that doesn't count so you can subtract the fiber carbs from the total carbohydrates. 26 grams total carbs minus 16 grams of fiber = 10 grams of carbs.

Essentially a good target is 30 - 40 grams of carbs or less a day for weight loss. Once you have lost all the weight you want you may be able to add more carbs to maintain you weight.

Sugar alcohols can also be calculated the same way since they do not effect the blood sugar levels the same way sugar does.

#6 Multivitamins

Something you many want to consider is multivitamins. It may not be necessary but it is a sure way of making sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Remember you are eliminating foods from your diet while you are eating lots of vegetables and proteins you may still benefit from a multivitamin for a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

#7 Exercise

Okay, I know exercise is a four letter word, but its necessary. The good news is it doesn't have to be a lot of exercise. Basically you just gotta move. Walking around the block may be enough. Or you could walk around you house a few times a day. Just anything to be moving find what you enjoy and do it. Walking, biking, dancing, anything.

Tips for success:

What helped me the most when I started this diet was planning ahead. I purchased a veggie tray so I could wash and chop all my veggies for my salads for the week. I also precooked all my meat for the week. For me I love grilled chicken in my salads so I grilled 5 or 6 chicken breasts and cut up into pieces ready to add to a salad and kept everything in the fridge for easy access.

Another tip is flatbread, watch the labels, but tortilla bread or flatbread can have relatively low carb content. Sometimes I wanted something different so I used tortilla bread to make a sort of burrito or sandwich with all the meats and cheeses I wanted and grilled for nice tasty meal.

I hope this helps you look at a Low Carb Diet in a different light and possibly helped you to see how easy a Low Carb Diet can be.


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