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How to make a profit growing with 6,000 Square feet of space and no permits or government interference.

Updated on March 29, 2014

My roses are prize winning. Every time I smell them I get an aromatic prize!

Plants grow best with love.
Plants grow best with love. | Source

Now you are going to have 25 feet by 50 feet in your backyard.

That comes to just about 1250 feet. Just make that work. Think that you will be coming off your roof for one side of your green house. And possibly going to your back fence on the other side. I just checked my area and it is closer to 30 feet by 75 feet as a standard lot size here in county of San Diego. Do not worry about that exactly because we may also use your roof and front yard.

Did you know that the roof of your house can be used to place solar panels to produce your own electricity? Of course you know that. But did you ever think that it could also be used to grow plants? Of course weight and wear and tear have to be considered just like solar electricity or water heating. And of course last we checked growing flowers outside in Bangor Maine does not work so well in December.

There are hundreds of studies that show that you can grow enough on a quarter acre to make a healthy living. (of course you would want to be a successful writer like me to balance out the check book)

Oh my you say, a quarter acre is far more square feet than 1250. Well do not worry, now I got you.

Now please just listen up to this great song, I sing it to all my children and all those wives!!

Let me guess, you hate planting?

Would you leave your rat race job if this was true?

See results

Now you just bought your green house.

What? Yes you ordered it through the mail, or you are like me and going to my hardware store is better than attending a NBA game. So buy the 7 mil visqueen. Sorry this is about 200 smackaroos. But you will also go by a salvage yard and get some kind of poles and rope -- who cares what kind. You just cannot build a concrete type foundation for this visqueen tarp that will go from your eves to your fence. Go first to the salvage yard and get what you can. The plastic has to be somewhat translucent because you know that lets in the sun onto your plants.

Are you starting to see something come alive in your mind. You are going to totally cover you back yard with a portable and removable green house worthy cover. Use that brain that either God of Michigan State University gave you and tie it down and weight it down.

Top any trees to maximize sunlight.

I was a lumberjack for a couple of seasons. We worked at about 10,000 feet to clear trails for snow skiers. I saw two not so good men die. If you meet a real lumberjack -- do not hug them, steer clear.
I was a lumberjack for a couple of seasons. We worked at about 10,000 feet to clear trails for snow skiers. I saw two not so good men die. If you meet a real lumberjack -- do not hug them, steer clear. | Source

You are now going to dig up your yard,

We want six troughs dug out. Yes about 4 feet deep. If you have the money and the access get a Bobcat backhoe because they are really fun and a kick in the butt to run around and dig things up with. (Obligatory -- do not dig up power lines, gas lines of sewer or water lines you idiot)

Otherwise set aside a month. Give up that goochie gym membership and go buy a damned shovel, hoe, firefighters axe, rake and get yourself in shape by work rather than electronic stupid treadmills. Oh but don't you worry I will have you on a stationary exercise bike in about a month.

Now the Visqueen you use for the troughs really has to be durable and you have to smooth out the edges for these troughs are going to hold fish. Many fish. We need them for their poop and natural filtration systems and then we are going to eat them and sell them for aquariums and other people's dinners. Do you see what we are doing?

We are going to raise fish so that the little buggers clean and fertilize the water for our plants.

This kid is learning piano, do you think I would go to that trouble


Now you dig your ditches and line them and put in Talipia and or Catfish.

You could get an awesome filter for your water but to make money just do it by hand. And the water pump just do it by hand one hour a day. Or in cycles that meet your plant's needs. There are ones we call rotary hand pumps. They are very cool and you can learn a lot about them here:

Of course you are going to get smart and get something like this so you can pump the water into a used set of 5 50 gallon drums that are mounted using wood from used pallets at about ten feet high for pressure. Just get the pallets and disassemble them. Do what we used to do, straighten the nails and re-use them and build a structure out of them high enough to give water pressure below. If they are too high and obnoxious looking your neighbors will complain.

Now to get the Chlorine and other garbage out of your water so it does not kill your fish you will use three concepts.First the water just goes into a holding tank. The tank is open and you use your pump and circulate it. In this tank you grow something that is just a bonus. You will have to research what works best for your area. It needs surface area to aerate and it needs to sit in there about two days. Then you just buy a filter like one for fish tanks and then just add a minor amount of a de-chlorinating agent.

Then slowly add the water at the top of your cycle and it will be fine. Be careful at first. Of course you are going to balance this out with rain water, grey water and composts and tea.

So big deal this is a perfect rose that I grew. My wife thought it was fine but no big deal.

One year the man gave his wife a dozen store bought roses, she worried at the cost. The next year he grew a dozen and she said, "you did not spend money?" The third year he put a chair in his roses and loved them instead of her.
One year the man gave his wife a dozen store bought roses, she worried at the cost. The next year he grew a dozen and she said, "you did not spend money?" The third year he put a chair in his roses and loved them instead of her. | Source

Let us put a big picture synopsis on this notion of mine.

So you hopefully got the big picture. You are going to change you backyard into an aquaponics garden. Now you are realizing you are going to totally tent you yard. And you are going to dig out trenches to make habitat for fish.

But what you are going to do is go "verticle". Yes there are product and our DYI's that let you add verticle to the dimension we are talking about. If you have two feet by ten feet you have twenty square feet. If you do that strange "cube" thing you have how many square feet? Well 2 feet by ten feet by ten feet is not twenty square feet. So are you thinking the height of your roof eves and are you thinking stacking plants on top of plants and not using soil but rather using your own personal fish poop to make them grow fantastic and organic and healthy.

I wanted to get back to this. Set the stationary bike inside the unit. while you are exercising away you are bring back to a human all the love that plants and nature give us you are literally cleaning my air also and breathing in the best air that we have to offer.

Of course I have no idea what I am talking about but will come and set up this system at your house. So the one I am designing has a little chapel and Japanese lanterns and fireflies and Koi. Finally when I am done with the stone pattern garden part I will be able to woo my bride right into the palm of my hand. Please love each other as much as I love you.



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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      The idea is crazy of course. But so was the light bulb and the car. And those danged flying things.

      If we talk about it enough it will become normal, and I will probably not die before then.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      4 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting as always Eric.


    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      John we are going to do one better. We are going to put up some big old greenhouse aquaponics systems and start a school there in. Australia is at the moment the leader in this area. And they are ahead by about 2,000 percent, anyone who does this well here has been trained by one of you folk.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      4 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Great hub Eric, turn everyone's back yard into a productive aquaponics system and vertical growing garden. Come on over, you can start on mine immediately. Our main problem is a regular permanent water supply, but then it actually uses less in the long run then constantly having to water your plants. Good luck with selling the idea in your's a great innovation. I applaud you.


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