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How to make something interesting

Updated on January 24, 2012

Do you remember those days where something just seems dead boring. You start getting a little sleepy, and just get deep into the state of mind I would call bore

Some things are fun, and some are just boring and uninteresting. But what if we could make the boring things close to as interesting or maybe even as interesting as the things you actually find fun to do. Maybe there is some special key. A secret no body has ever told you, that magically turn everything boring and demotivating to something fun and exiting.

I believe there is such a "key" to making "things" interesting. It's actually quite obvious. The key to finding interest in maybe even the most boring "things" is....


If you think about, how can it be a bad thing that your credit card got stolen? I believe that there isn't any kind of law that says "Every time something happens to you which you don't like will always be a bad thing". The reason it is "bad" to loose your credit card is because we don't want it. Not because the incident was "bad", but because we didn't like the way it made us feel, there we categorized it as "bad". Often things aren't as bad as they look, and the point of the whole "bad thing" explanition is that the only factor that decides wheter or not the incident that just happened was a "good" or a "bad" incident is our own judging which is controlled by our feelings which aren't always very reliable. Therefore the same goes to making something interesting. If the subject, task, speech, etc... has been categorized as boring, how can it then be interesting? I somewhere saw a very simple explanation, which was quite similar to "incident + reaction = perception". So next time you need to read your advanced science book, react like where you going to do something you really wanted and looked forward doing. Or maybe not...

If that doesn't sound like you try:

  • Thinking positive of the thing you want to make interesting, or at least stop thinking "I would rather go to hell than doing "......"
  • If you don't mind seeming a bit like a weirdo (don't worry, only you will know) try to make a fake enthusiasm, and keep it going on for a few weeks, if you've done it well, it should pay off
  • Try linking the boring thing you have to do with something you love, like "cleaning the house while dancing to your favorite song, be creative
  • Do the "the boring thing" while having a fresh mind, it will make it easier and therefore more enjoyable, or less painful at least
  • Generally have an "I feel great" attitude when you wake up, and keep the whole day. If you can stay happy for a long time, your mind will actually adapt, so you'll stay happy without trying, sweet, isn't it?

Try it out. One step back to make sure you make things interesting often results in 10 steps forward in the end


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