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How to make time for your health in your busy life

Updated on November 9, 2017

You decide to take care of your health and lose the extra pounds with great enthusiasm. You follow your diet plan and exercise routine for a few days, weeks or maybe months. But then, sooner or later something comes up in life. You get busy or lose motivation.

Sounds familiar?

You're not alone. We all face this in our lives. But somehow, some of us manage to overcome the obstacle and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Today, I will tell you the secrets about how they do it so you can do it too!

1. Plan for long game

Many times, we focus on short-term goals and go on crazy diets to lose weight. This is not a smart approach.

First, it does not allow us to maintain our weight loss. Secondly, these diets are not always healthy. So we might lose weight too fast which may not be a healthy weight loss strategy.

The solution to that is to adopt healthy habits slowly so that you make significant changes in your lifestyle instead of relying on quick-fix diet plans.

2. Commit strongly

We often start our journey with a weak reason. For example, losing weight for an upcoming event.

If you want to make serious changes and live a healthy life, then you have to commit once with a strong reason. Your reason could be to live healthily because you want to feel energetic, prevent disease. etc.

3. Plan your workouts and meals

If you don't plan your workouts and meals beforehand, you will have to make instant decisions which could make you mentally tired or it could lead to a poor decision.

By planning the workouts and meals, you won't have to think about using willpower at the right time. Your decisions will be pre-made.

Similarly, it's a good idea to schedule your workouts so that it becomes part of your routine.

4. Be prepared for distractions

Instead of finding an hour for working out or meal preparation, you can do quick high-intensity workouts that will take less of your time and still give you similar benefits of exercise.

In the same way, you can have pre-made or quick healthy snacks in your house so that if something comes up, you have something healthy to eat.

5. Start small

The friction of starting is the strongest at the start. Your goal is to reduce the friction by making the first step ridiculously small. For example, if you plan on running in the morning, just tie up the shoes. Once you do that, you will go running with minimal effort.

Similarly, plan to do one pushup instead of twenty. Once you do that one push up, you will continue doing them without the need of any additional willpower. So, remove the barrier from the first step and plan to take a tiny step.

6. Find support

We are social creatures. We want to feel validated and accepted by others around us. If you involve your friends or family members in your journey then it becomes much easier for you to maintain the healthy habits.

Just make sure not to push too much if they don't want to make healthy changes in their life yet. Lead by example and hope that they will join you one day.

Having an accountability coach is also a good idea as he/she will make sure you execute your plan and succeed in your journey.


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