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Social Media and How to Use It

Updated on June 14, 2013

Create Your Reality

Are You Doing This?

We all have them. Obstacles are a part of life. We can wake up in a great mood, to only have it dampened by our family, idiots who cannot drive right, co-workers whose purpose is to make our day miserable and any other hosts of reasons. We know this exists, and besides our own mountains to climb that day, we are bombarded by others who are experiencing something similar. We get this through many types of media exploitations. One of these is the social media Facebook. It is not Facebook putting them up but our family and friends. On any given day, we are bombarded with so much negative posts, which people actually think are cute and funny. How often do you sign on to Facebook, and witness people posting about how the outside world is causing them conflict?

Are you too involved in this? Are you filling your page with post after post with sayings that describe negativism? Are you using the excuse that it is only in fun? If you are answering yes to this, and feel it has no consequences you are seriously wrong. You are just extending your daily chatter outwards, which means more publicity for your inner chatter. . What we focus on constantly becomes our reality! How can you expect a different outcome, when you are deep into the stew of negativity? A sprinkle of positive dies in the masses of negative you exert in your daily thoughts and communication.

No one is immune from having challenges. The majority of our life is a platter full of them. Your platter is neutral. It is your reactions and thought process that create the negative or positive. It is about how we deal with everyday crises, and how to walk through the day with a healthier attitude. Our thoughts are always added to a negative or positive bubble. Like attracts like, so it will be distributed by like-minded complainers. We also are creating tomorrow with those collection of thoughts.

You always have a choice

Use Social Media to Self-Empower

There are different degrees to how we might feel challenge for the day, or days. Sometimes, an outside force will help us to shift our attitude. We all have experienced having a difficult day, but some news or event sprung us out of the doldrums. An example would be at work, where that pesky co-worker just sealed her last nail in her coffin, and you are about to attack, when you get a call announcing a wonderful event, news or anything that will change your emotions 180 degrees. All of a sudden the co-worker who is about to get your wrath becomes invisible to you. They are not even significant. Our minds can change within an instant, by a stronger thought. We might be sweating the fear of losing our job on our way home, when we noticed a voice mail announcing we have just been hired at another business, which we had applied for recently.

As seen above our minds can be changed within an instant, by a stronger thought. However, often this does not occur in our daily life. We have to be the one who will shift it ourselves. Our old thought patterns are singing loudly, as they promote our negative beliefs that this person, event or thing is responsible for how I feel. Then we have those who blame themselves for messing up things, or taking a risk. All these thoughts do create the same experience in your future as you are experiencing now.

How do you stop this cycle? To stop this cycle we must do it diligently. We must police our actions. We know how our mood is at a given moment. There are days we might feel we possess two different personalities. Those are the days, I know for me to be very careful. Those are the trickier days, and it is easier for me to lose my focus. How do you recognize them? When the words stupid, idiot, and wanting to rip them apart are just at the surface level of your emotions, this is an indicator that your nerves are getting to a raw point.. This should cue you instantly into the following; 1. I am blaming outwards. 2 I am avoiding something within me that is bothering me, so those who irritate me more are mirrors that day. 3. If I pursue this path today, I am consciously choosing to make my tomorrows based on my stronger emotions for today. A great way to do this is to post on Social Media positive affirmations and beautiful pictures.

What have you chosen to create tomorrow? Do these words sound familiar? I never get what I want. People are not to be trusted. This group, person or God is responsible for my happiness.

I know enough that I prefer to not choose this, so when I am having those days I make choices that might not be easy, but I know are necessary. I will avoid the best I can any area that offers this type of verbiage. I have to, so if it means not permitting me to spend time with certain friends, not interacting on Face Book, or any other social media I will follow through. I also make sure I do not take my emotional state, which would be bordering on negative comments about others and spew the negativity. As you can see, I have learned to become vigilant in what I wish to create tomorrow. Even knowing this, there will be days that I have not control myself as much as I would have wish. I do things to counteract that the next day, and work harder to unravel why I acted in such a way. Often my actions are not as bad as I have originally thought, mainly because I am so condition to not poison others with words. If though, I have I will apologize and remove myself from the situation the best I can. It is never someone’s fault for my reaction. In other words, I cannot permit myself to believe you caused me to do this.

Define Yourself

Creating a New You

Social Media is a great place to create a new you. You are showing the world who you believe you are. You are consciously aware of the energy you bring in, and do it wisely.

Having obstacles is normal. Having our emotions scattered all over for a day is also normal. Enlightenment does not take away obstacles or scattered emotions. If you are seeking enlightenment to limit your obstacles and negative emotions, you do not understand the meaning of the word. You will still have problems and it is in knowing this that you hold yourself responsible for your own reactions. When you get to the point that you take 100% responsibility for your own life, you will become more vigilant on your choices for that day. You are aware everything you do is acting like paint and you are painting your canvas for tomorrow. You reacting in a negative way because of something that transpired in the outside world are only an excuse. Your constant reactions are your choice for happiness or misery. There is no way out of it.

In time you will learn to replace negative reactions, with positive enforcement. When an obstacle day puts you off balance, you will filter these new methods. This will cause you to fill your canvas with positive expression. This changes your future into a positive. Enlightenment simply is the knowing that even through those hard days, you will control your reactions to the best of your ability. You might isolate for a time being, instead of posting pictures depicting, “I will get you back” statements. You will not be seeking someone to have karma put on them, for you know very well that bounces right off that person and travels back to you. You will hold yourself accountable for all your actions, and not blame it on this person, thing or you having a bad day. The thought of poisoning someone’s head space, be it verbally, or the written word will become repulsive to you. It is not a choice you would make any more.

Keep the energy around you positive

Signs that you are getting more positive

When people start to see you as a ‘Care Bear’, you know you are doing something right. You know you have shifted your energy. People have trouble with positive people, and that is not your or my concern. There are a lot of people that hunt for the drama. They write about it via the social media, because it is what they like. It always is about someone doing some nasty to them. You will always run into this. Don’t try to change them, just keep building thought patterns, which will bring us joy and happiness. We do not need to be in others’ drama. There is no benefit to it. There though is a cost if you join the drama. The cost to me is way too high. I can spot drama easily, just watch where their finger is pointing. Who is blaming who? The other cost of drama is feeding it your energy. I do not have time to waste my energy. You do not either. One of the biggest changes in being positive, we become very alert to whose energy we permit in our space.

I do hope this hub has made you think about how you are using social media, and to make changes where they are needed.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 5 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks Carol. Yes, our internal dialogue is a daily project, and not one to let relapse into negativity. This seems to be the crux of the problem, people go back easily to their old beliefs and talk.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      A really excellent hub with lots of great ideas. I know what you mean by obstacles and they appear regularly. We need to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I know that internal dialogue and find it haunting once in a while..and so unproductive. Voting up and sharing.