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How to overcome Obesity

Updated on May 2, 2008

Startling facts on Obesity

  1. There are around 1 billion overweight adults and more than 3000 obese.
  2. Obesity and overweights are the indicators of major critical illness like diabetes, Heart problems , metabolic syndrome.
  3. The reasons of obesity is simple as more fatty intake and less physical activities.
  4. Careful ladies...Women have more possibilities to become obese than men.
  5. obesity depletes the confidence and devolopes depression, social stigmas, fear to address public.

The difference between obese and overweight is simple obese is the person who graduated from overweight. he crossed the margins of BMI( Body mass Index)

Obesity is meaured by a scientific tool commonly known as BODY MASS INDEX ( BMI) which is calculating by deviding a persons weight in kg or pounds by height in inches squared.

Table: Metric BMI FormulaBMI =

( kg/mĀ² )weight in kilograms------------height in metersĀ²Table: BMI Weight Status CategoriesBMIWeight Status Below 18.5 Underweight18.5 -24.9 Normal25 - 29.9 Overweight30 & Above Obese

(Different nations & organizations use different BMI ranges to classify weight status. Our table is in keeping with the internationally recognized, US Department of Health & Human Services weight status categories.)

Caues of Obesity:

There are various reasons attributed for the casues of Obesity

  • There are certain genetical factors plays a vital role in obesity.
  • excess consuption of fatty or foods.OVER EATING is not a smart sign but a one step towards to OVER WEIGHT.
  • Slow metabolism- Metabolism is a process in which calories are burned. Some women feels very much disappointed that even after rigrous excercise they do not reduce weight. studies confirms the fact that women have less muscle than men and muscle burns more calories than tissue. As a result women have slower metabolism which causes weight reduction difficult for women.
  • Less physical activities: Unless regular physical activities calaries will not burn. National health and examination survey exhibit that physical inactivity was strongly correlated with weight gain in both male as well female.
  • Certain medications trigger weight gain. Psychiatric drugs like olanzepine, BP medications as well certain diabetic medications.
  • Psychological factors: Some women over come anxity and depressive mood by eating more and eating caually.
  • Lack of sleep is an another cause of obesity.

Management of obesity

Medical fraternity generally agree that people who have a BMI of 30 or greater can improve through weight loss.This is even a consolation to extreme obese cases where BMI is greater than 40!

Treatments of Obesity: Treatments are solely depends on individual parameters. As old adage says prevention is better than cure so control the BMI with in the range before proceed further increase.

How to focus towards a promising weight loss

Establish a reasonable target weight:

Consultyour BMI score with your doctor and alow him to assess the related rsk factors attached to the current score. Then plan a systematic weight loss by fixing a proximate number. write down this target point in your bathroom wall paper( if you have) or diary or PDA. Always keep a high positive frame of mind before proceed for weightloss plans. Never try to fix unreasonable atrget as its diffcult for reaching extreme BMI immediatly so you can avoid deperession.

Small amount of weight loss trigeers confidence

Even a small reduction in wieight will makes you looks more healthy and positive. The psychological factors will work favour for you as any successfull activity will promtas to expand further. The property of weight loss is such a way that outsiders will notice the change immediatly than us so this will instill confidence and improves the quality of life and self esteem.

Best health diet tips

  • Drink plenty of water or other calorie free beverages. Avoid the habit of drinking soft drinks often.
  • Think about what you can position with your regular diet . Never think what you can take away from your diet.
  • Choose snacks if you are really hungry
  • avoid eating snacks at night.Be choosy
  • avoid eating food while watching TV that will trigger you to have more.
  • leave apart junk food
  • Enjoy your favorite food.
  • Rather than having a big meal eat several mini- meals during a day
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables

Be a vibrant person everywhere

Any kind of physical activities are good for the health as they not only help to improve weight but increases the health as well reduce risk factors.

Those who work in software institutes or in office job will not be able to do more excercise. Always remember excercise doesnt means we need to tire the body. A simple trick selected by mt friend really encouraged me she use to avoid lips while going to office. Every morning she avoids apartment lifts as well office lift! Good one !

Always prefer a reasonable excercise plans consult with your dietician or family before proceed further extremes.

Our minds repulse towards hard things. Excercise doesnt means punishing your body. You can select a game as the part of your daily weight lloss plan. games like badminton, cycling, tennis football etc will not only reduce weight but improve blood flow as well fitness.

Choose enjoyable aerobic activity

  1. Swimming
  2. aerobic classes
  3. dancing ( as it become the fashion in everywhere)
  4. brisk walking or jogging

Fine tune yourself and be a GOOD to yourself

Get plenty of sleep. Stop sleeping at late night. follow a regular sleeping schedule,

avoid phone calls during night and put mobile on silent mode as they inturrupt the sound sleep. Sound sleep is priceless!!

Do more relaxing activities like YOGA

prefer to be with a gropu of inner circle where you are honoured and inspired. your firendhsip circles can give you enough kick so that you will eat more and more

laughter is the most relaxing excercise ..practice it.... apply it, you will see the change


This life is so precious we need to enjoy the seconds. Life is more than just being a rich or a successfull professional. It is to be useful, to be honourable. we are not only living but we have to live well. Your positive frame of mind is like a perfume that instills fragrance around. You will be a most wanted person in your peer group as you demontrate the vitalities like honesty, trust and integrity. Never be discouraged with weight or obesity as life is more passionate than this. If you decide you can challenge everything including yuor own obesity. God Bless you

discrimination towards obese people


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    • profile image


      5 years ago


      Dear friends,

      I'm preparing a 100 pages material on how to overcome obesity. It's a question of days and will be published at so check the site after middle Feb. to get it. I think it'll be use/helpful.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a great hub, to help me lose weight i decide to become a vegetarian to give up red meat . But i was so lost how to start and what to do until i stumbled across a website called Vegetarian's Beginner's Guide 30 Day Course Until i got a copy of this program being a vegetarian seemed so hard goal to reach . Now i am losing weight gradually and learning how to eat well thanks to the information it provided me with. So i say that anyone who suffers with obesity to try going vegetarian.

    • profile image

      Divya Persaud 

      7 years ago

      Your information on obesity is very interesting and useful. It is very brief and understandable.

    • profile image

      Vino Mohan 

      7 years ago

      Your piece of advice proved to be useful.

      Positive attitude plays a major role in making up human mind and body. your tips on the latter said topic is quite true.

      Very eager to get some motivating quotes..

    • Nan Mynatt profile image

      Nan Mynatt 

      7 years ago from Illinois

      You wrote the truth whether we like it or not. It's hard to take the pounds off. The advice about exercise is very good. Check out my movie.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      thanks for the hub

      this a very detailed piece of infornation

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      although obesity isn't healthy for people, it shouldn't be so looked down upon. it's so hard to lose weight once you get to a certain point. trust me, i know. yes, people who are overweight need to try to fix it, but it's easier said than done. i've had problems trying to lose weight and i'm just happy that there are companies out there that are concerned about the happiness of me along with all the other chubby people. koolest products is my latest obsession. i bought a folding chair from them called the maxxdaddy chair. it's made to suit my body type and its got great quality. being obese shouldn't mean that you can't enjoy things in life, so check out products like this one that are made for the type of lifestyle your living. be happy like me and try out this chair. you won't be sorry

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      “Being overweight sucked, but after reading your book, I lost 85 pounds! Words can’t express how good I feel!“ This is a comment which I recently received about the book Lose Weight Using Four Easy Steps which can be ordered through

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i weighed 40stone 10 years ago and thanks to this website i now weigh 9 stone 5

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i weighed 40stone 10 years ago and thanks to this website i now weigh 9 stone 5

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      this is amzing i

    • morrisonspeaks profile image


      9 years ago


      I like your approach. Thanks for sharing!

      Here's my take on this topic :)

    • valaad profile image


      10 years ago

      Yess..I jus gone thru ur article and found it is highly relevant.



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