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How to overcome the fear of death naturally?

Updated on February 2, 2013

Overview of death

We fear to lose whether it is a penny in the pocket or any other material that we have. The thought of getting separated from someone who is close to us is what makes us fear the most. The reality is that at every moment of our life we go through the fear of getting deprived of something and fear that something may be robbed at some point of our life. But to be specific, the biggest fear with which we live is the fear of death and what happens after death. This is so because after death nothing remains with us. Death brings an end to all our time and hope as well. As long as life is there we have the hope to get back all the belongings we have lost at some point of our life but death puts a curtain to all the hope. Throughout the life we work hard to make the life stable but death makes all the efforts futile. When the final time comes we have to leave behind all our wealth, relation, respect, and power behind in this world.

Why do we fear death?

The death fear is also relevant because throughout the life we struggle hard to achieve the most in order we have a better and peaceful tomorrow. Since we remain busy to collect more wealth and make our life secure and thus sometimes fail to enjoy the wealth we have earned through our hard work. Sometimes, we want to collect more wealth quickly because we know that our life is short and death is certain and may occur any time and anywhere. It may any time snatch away our life and everything related to it like our wealth, status, health and social status. Let us get into the details to find out why we fear death:

  • Sometimes we fear death because of the pain related to it. Whenever we pass from this world to the other world we face the pain related to it. There are also some who pass away without going through any pain and we consider them as fortunate. Most of the time before we go through pain and these may include pain related to health, pain related to diseases, pain related to accidents etc. Death comes with pain and when we think about these pain we fear death even more.
  • The wish to live an extended life also make us fear death. Wish develops hope within us and where there is a hope there is a better tomorrow. When we depend or rely on something the thought of losing it scare us the most. One characteristic of life that is similar to all of us is the state of affairs we try to avoid in our regular life, it is those state of affairs that chase us from behind. For instance, the fear of death remains in our mind whether we are aware or unaware of it and because of this we fail to free ourselves from thinking about it.
  • The more we become aware about living the more we get fear of death. Unless we understand the true meaning and value of life we never fear death. If we happen to tell a child that one day he will face death we will find that he would not give much importance to it. This is so because he does not understand the true meaning of life now. For him life is to enjoy, have fun and nothing else. Gradually when he grows up, understands the worldly affairs and realizes the value of life it is then he starts fearing to lose and the fear of death at some point of his life peeps his mind.

What will happen if there is no death?

Why do we fear of dying? Do we ever think what would happen if there is only birth and no death? This would have only created big problems for us. Aged people would have suffered with ageing and diseases without death. Besides, families would have only newborn without the aged ones passing away in time. This would in turn affect the natural balance of the members of the family. Families would have members from different generations affecting the peace and harmony of the family. Also, the problem of overpopulation which is the cause of most of the problems would have made our life hell on this earth. Therefore, we need to accept the truth of death and move along in our individual life.

How to get over the fear of death anxiety?

When we realize death as the end of life then we become more prone to fear death and take it as an obstacle in our life Overcoming the fear of death is very much related with the way we think, feel and perceive things around us . Let us check out some of the ways through which we may overcome the fear of death:

  • The reality is that if we fail to accept death as a truth then we fear death even more. Therefore, we need to accept that death is the truth of our life. We need to think that death is an important part of the whole life process. If once we accept death as natural truth then we can get rid of death and take it as something usual.
  • We need to understand this that after working for hours we need to give our body rest to rejuvenate ourselves. Similarly, death is that permanent sleep after keeping awake throughout our lifespan. It is common that a person who lives a longer life would also have a deep sound permanent sleep. Death also has its own beauty and to enjoy it we need to live a fearless life. We can only live a life free from the fear of death only when we accept death as natural.
  • We can take many examples from the nature that is all around us to erase the fear of death from our memory. We may look at those leaves which get shooed away from the trees with time and mix with the soil to form fertilizer to help the trees to grow new green leaves. The life cycle is similar to that where birth and growth follows old age and death.
  • We need to think that death is not an enemy but it is a beauty of life which will take place at some point of our life. Our life meets its eventual fate and the full life cycle only completes when we come across death.
  • We need to live our life as lively as possible. We should neither complain nor feel sad about the future. We need to understand whatever happens in our life in only for good. We should be happy and contented whatever we have achieved in our life and never grumble or feel sad which we have never got or not destined to own.
  • We should take each day of our life as a new opportunity. Complete those work which is complete and never left it for tomorrow. We should try our level best to do something everyday which gives us satisfaction and mental peace.

To wrap-up

We need to ask ourselves the question if we have not seen anyone dying? Have we come across people who lived a lifelong without dying? If we scroll through the pages of History we will find the names of people who once lived, the evidences of their death, dates of their death and that is it. We will never see them alive nor will they ever get alive because they have already gone through the reality of life procedure, that is, death. So, death is not unnatural rather it is the reality of life and we should accept it as it is. We need to remember that it is the awareness towards life and acceptance of the death is the only way which would relieve us from the fear of death.

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    • Ajayaryan profile image

      Ajay Kumar Singh 4 years ago from India

      Harish, I appreciate your comment and I am glad that you have come up with a well descriptive response. I agree with your thoughts and you have explained things so well. Thanks for your valuable comment!

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 4 years ago from India

      Ajay, so beautifully you have pointed out the causes of fear of death and ways to rid of this fear from the realms of our mind. Though you have taken into account everything in your nicely crafted hub, I would like to add that we do not give much importance to the real moments of our breathing while living. If we give attention to every moment as if it is the last moment of our life, we will realize the preciousness of it and enjoy it to the maxixmum and in a far better way rather than to fritter it away casually. Irony is that people are scared of death while living and also obsessed of an eternal life in heaven after this physical life. This has created imbalance in their lives and so they are a disillunsioned lot. I am sure that once people start living moment to moment with full appreciation of every breath of their lives, no fear of death will cause any conflict. As we enjoy our daily sleep and do not want to be disturbed from it, in the like manner, we will start relishing that last wonderful sleep that is called death even before it comes. I have given a rather long response but the subject is very tempting and also relevant, so I just carred away with the force of it.