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How to overcome your sensitivity

Updated on May 5, 2011


How to overcome your sensitivity

People are getting too sensitive, but sensitive about what? Well take a look at what’s happening in the US, in the mid west for instance and going to the south where we see the Tornadoes that are causing so much devastation and hardships in peoples lives. For them they are extremely sensitive to any sort of rain that is beyond the normal flow of waves. So every time there is any kind of rain people start to get extremely sensitive and begin to worry that it could be another Tornado.

In the Middle East you have the youth who are extremely sensitive to dictatorships that limit their freedoms. At the same time the dictators are also sensitive to protecting their dictatorship roles in keeping people subdued. As a freedom loving nation you can see why people would be sensitive to the subjugation that has existed in their lives for many many years. Now you have a crisis going on in many nations there with killings and imprisonment.

Armies are being used in many cases against their will to kill their own people so the dictators are bringing in foreign mercenaries to do their dirty work. But the people have found ways to overcome their sensitivity to fear. It is evident that dictatorships depend on imposing fear on people but people are able to find ways to overcome the sensitivity that harbors fear within them. Humanity will always find a way of overcoming the hardships that hinder the development of life.

Traveling further east to Japan we know that it is a country that has had many earthquakes for many many years. The most recent one as we all know happened on march 11, 2011 and caused a great deal of devastation to the Japanese population and way of life. It is estimated that 20 to 30 thousand people lost their lives. The Japanese government intends to spend up to 100 Billion dollars to rebuild the country.

The point of this article is to point out that people are in constant trauma. People in Japan are now walking around in fear. If they see a tree branch shaking in the wind they think there is an earthquake. So people are so sensitive that when they see a tree branch rocking back and forth they think the earth is rocking underneath them when in fact the earth is perfectly steady.

Why do people carry these perceptions within their heads? The doctors in Japan and elsewhere are baffled and are trying desperately to find ways to help people deal with this type of anxiety and trauma. The only thing that they can do is overdose people on drugs that alter their perceptions. We at the Dohgon University of Thought know that the answer is very simple. It is all neurological. But to understand the neurology of it we have to go to the mind and this is where the problem begins for those doctors because those doctors cannot even separate memory from mind.

All experiences are stored in the memory. When you have the mind bringing information into memory the information is always pure. This is because the mind only brings information from the spirit therefore the information is always coming from a source of purity. All western science is welcome to dispute this. The Dohgon knew about DNA before western science was able to see it under microscopes. The Dohgon knew about the Sirius star system 50 Trillion miles away before western science spent billions of dollars on telescopes to see it.

Pure energy in the dark universe is from where your spirit emerges and then your spirit becomes your mind and so the purity of the dark universe comes into your Spirit. Your Spirit becomes your mind and then your mind enters your memories to influence the calmness, the patience, and the peace that is there in the dark universe. Because of our understanding of time bubbles and that time becomes space we have no doubt that what we believe is true.

Again, the Dohgon welcomes all scientists on the planet to dispute our understanding of how time bubbles transform into space. There are no theories here. We do not subscribe to theories. Before time there was no space and no anti-matter rubbish. We can demonstrate how time becomes space and how before there was a single star in existence there was only waves in a Dark Universe.

Instead of researching how to solve humanity’s problems most scientists are too engaged in negativity. They engage in activities that are upsetting the natural flow of energy on the planet. In their Negative pursuit for domination over one another they are now engaging in such devilry as Platform warfare which involves using HAARP technology to vibrate the crust of the earth and cause disasters.

They do not know the damage that they are causing or the long term ramifications of their actions. Everything on the planet is connected. Humans are not exempt from the slightest changes in nature. We just take longer to recognize it. When the Wales and fishes get poisoned and are about to die they beach themselves so that other fishes will not eat them and get affected with the same sickness. 

Getting back to the topic, we are saying that to address the issue of sensitivity we have to go into how the mind interacts with memory. All those people in the hurricane struck areas of the US along with the people of Japan are allowing their minds to become too sensitive and therefore taken over by fear. The situation in the Middle East might have a different circumstance but let it serve as an example.

The Middle Eastern youths are getting the message from their spirit. Now they are realizing that the natural state of humanity is to exist in peace and freedom and without fear. They are on the streets telling the dictators that they are not afraid of the guns, bombs, and snipers. From Tunisia to Syria the people are waking up and as many die many more are willing to die in their place.

If your anxiety is too much to bare know that you are not alone in your fight. The dark universe is acting on your behalf. It is giving you messages of what is to become. Your situation may not be as severe as the examples above but the lesson is clear, sensitivity can be manipulated by outside forces, Forces that produce fears that block the messages from your inner Spirit. Come to the Dohgon and rediscover your true gifts, powers and purpose, which you were tricked to relinquish.


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