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How to be perfectly OK in life

Updated on February 3, 2016

Practical ways to deal with shit

In yo' face!


There you are. Something has gone wrong and you’re in the middle of nowhere. Dealt with a heart break, failure at work, putting on weight or anything that can boggle you down with extreme frustration that you’re pulling your hair out of anxiety and stress! Sigh.

Cry out loud. Cry out hard

When something goes wrong in life we feel that the whole world is going against us. It is perfectly ok to feel bad and cry. Instead of just sitting in one corner and crib about something that didn’t work out your way, it is amazing to let yourself go and yell those tears out with bulging eyes, sore blowy nose. Or do it your way. If you have a shoulder to cry on or a lap may be (get a punching bag instead). Or you can lay all grumpy on your bed and sob all night (play some nice song too). 2 days in a row or 3 days. It doesn’t matter. All that really matters is by the end of it all you’re going to feel awesome! Super awesome (crying is a plain practical thing to do actually)!

Once your tears glands are all drained out you’re going to discover the new world awaiting. That puffed-up face is going to have a fresh new dewy glow (you’ll need some ice though). Your friends or beloved people are going to feel super to find out that you’re not going to eat their heads anymore. The whole world around you is going to spin 180 degrees and you’ll soon be on the other side of the coin enjoying your peace. Your ears are going to burn out hearing the same sad song over and over again and you’ll want to puke at it. Trust me on this.

Just face it

It’s alright not to plan things- go hell impromptu. It’s alright if every day is not turning out the way you want it to. It’s ok that your mundane life is not bringing-in any passion. It’s cool that you’re sucking at everything right now.

Every night when you’re done for the day and slipping-in between your sheets, tugging-in under the blankets, mellowing in your pillows, staring at the ceiling, musing about life - when your world suddenly turns all around. All you have left to do is chalk out tasks for the next day. And, then you realize how you hate it. At times, you got to plan for the smalls little goals that you want to cover the next day- stupid boring tasks. At times, you’re totally freaked-out and have to mentally prepare yourself for that big-huge-randomly-unplanned responsibility you’re pulled-in and you have to make it work anyhow. No matter how much you hate it, all that matters is you have to just do it (this is important). Remember that you don’t have to win it - you have to just go through it.

Let the transformation happen naturally

One fine day you’ll realize that you need to really find your passion. Or if you’re too much passionate about your job and it’s taking a toll on you, you’ll realize you need to slow down. Or you might just feel that you need to change. Or you might want to gracefully embrace the change you were forcefully involved in. Whatever may be the reason, let it sink-in naturally in your head- it is bound to. That’s how you learn the lessons in life. You face situations, you tackle the scenarios, you beat the unexpected, you get drained and then you change.

Let all of this happen naturally. Learning things the hard way is the best way. You’re going to feel the necessity to start planning for your goals. You’re going to really make decisions then and embrace the situations and deal with them. You might as well discover what you really want in life. This whole process is going to make you learn a lot and it surely is going to be overwhelming.

Soon later, you’ll see that you have plotted out exiting new goals for work, charted out new plans for fitness, taken steps to pursue your hobbies and passions and that transformation once it happens naturally you’ll see that it was no big a deal. You’ll figure out how everything is falling in place no matter how tough it might get. You’ll see that you are putting in amazing energy in all that and not pushing through with a burden like carrying a pile of rocks. You’re going to feel challenged, transformed and amazed.

Don’t deal with the typical

The more typical you become, the more boring it’s going to get. And then your situations will be back to square one. Mundane things if they are done unconventionally will make it entertaining for you. Don’t be the doctor, the engineer, the banker or the MBA etc. etc.. Be the creator, the planner, the executioner, the go-getter, the deal-breaker, the super-duper or whatever-is-cooler in short. It’s okay if you’re not making money or success or fame or whatever. Just be creative in what you do. Be unconventional. Everything else will find it’s way to you some or the other day. Money is hell important but it’s not what should rule your world. Be driven by that but don’t let it control you. Even if you’re in the profession of money making like investment banking or something, don’t just focus on making money. Be interested in the process of making money. That’ll be more fun. Money will find it’s way to your bank account anyhow. :P

Maintain your individuality

Remember to be who you are. Find fun in that. Maintain your personal space and don’t let anything outside find its way in your zone to distract you. Don’t depend on anything or anyone to find your happiness. Your individuality, your self-worth, your personal style statement, your quirkiness whatever you call it, carry it like you rule your damn world!

Now grab that cuppa coffee or a beer may be and just chill out. Remember – don’t live for the hangover but for the high!


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