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Get ready for Spring. How to prevent allergies or cure them

Updated on March 7, 2013

I just love wildflowers. I will not stop sniffing them.

The scent from this SW desert plant is a cross between lemon and lilac. Wonderful.
The scent from this SW desert plant is a cross between lemon and lilac. Wonderful. | Source

Water is a great teacher about how allergies work.

Where I live the tap water is so bad that if, in a shower, you let the water run right on your face your eyes will get all red and hurt as though you jumped in a pool with three times too much chlorine. So let us start there.

My tap water is overdosed with chemicals to kill anything that might be harmful to me. About half the US suffers such a problem. Water Authorities are so danged worried about liability for illness they slowly kill us with the remedy. Now in my case the water has things in it that irritate my skin, eyes, nose and throat. These areas are areas where wet stuff from my body interacts with the outside environment. This is also where my ramparts/guard towers lay in early warning to my body, so it defends itself. The red eyes in this case are my body hurrying defense to my eyes, by way of blood. At all costs it will get those irritants out.

If you take a houseplant leaf and clean it water it just gets healthier, go figure.

I think most folks get that problem. What they do not get is that allergens are really the same thing. Allergies are our natural reaction if those ramparts and the guard is put on alert in our body and it reacts. With allergens it reacts with what we think of a allergies, red eyes(just like the chlorine) itchy, burning and sneeze nose, even an irritable sensation in our ears and on our skin. And a reactionary sleepy feeling. Even fever as the ramparts ramp up.

Now you can take some drugs to help. Take a nap snoozy, get all hyperactive or just get in a real fog so you are half yourself. NO THANKS

Constant application of a water wash will defeat most allergies

Washing your face and hands is just an awesome thing to refresh, invigorate and restore, do it.
Washing your face and hands is just an awesome thing to refresh, invigorate and restore, do it. | Source

This hub will get negatives because it does not sell product

So here is how you deal. Do not move to Japan and put a mask on. Do not move away. Just wash yourself. There should be a long pause here. Pharmaceuticals will go out of business. Just wash your face. Remember the Chlorine – it kills everything alive. Except for dust, which you can avoid, allergens are basically living pollens and alive. But even dust if cleaned off will not annoy. Chlorine kills all allergins. But so do a lot of off the shelf value deals. I like Lysol hand wipes. But for sure baby wipes are the best all around. Gentle yet get the job done

Do not hide from this stuff. Blow your nose and wipe your face

How can a man capture this purity?  By being pure.
How can a man capture this purity? By being pure. | Source

Just the cleansing power of water will heal allergies.

Now you take your favorite baby wipe and just wipe all around you, they do not hurt your clothing in general and you can use them with a brush on facial or any head hair. I wipe off the outside of my suit quickly and maybe my briefcase. Then toss it and do it again when the time is right. Remember Chlorine was just to understand, do not use wipes with chlorine. There is no reason you cannot get wipes with Aloe and vitamin D or whatever. I love Lilac scented ones.

Sorry about your makeup. There are some harsh realities to makeup. I suggest that at this time there are about 1 million allergy sufferers in the US that only suffer because of wearing makeup, not the makeup, but the fact they just do not wash enough because of the makeup, and allergens settle in makeup. That is for another article. But did you know that very few top models suffer from allergies – guess why.

Lastly let me remind you on health and anti-aging. They are natural. We are made to work correctly. We mess that up. Washing off several times a day will invigorate, exhilarate and prolongate your skins health. It is good for you and it. And it will show dividend in your latter years.

Happy washing and Happy Holidays. And remember the easiest way to health is a happy attitude.

We just had a bout with Allergies and the result was amazing.

My wife got well soonest. She washes her face frequently and works in a climate controlled environment. My son is having the worst of it, three and hates to wash his face and is outdoors most of the day.

Me, I am just lazy and stay in our home most the day. So I am not yet over it.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Allergies have a funny way of attacking us, with water it can be washed away, that is most convenient for me thanks

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      It is fun when something so simple makes our lives better. Thank you for reading and commenting. I am learning much from you and appreciate it.

    • jainismus profile image

      Mahaveer Sanglikar 4 years ago from Pune, India

      Useful information. Yes, you are right, cleaning our body with water keeps us away from allergies.