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How to prevent and survive a Hangover?

Updated on July 1, 2013

The party.

First of all almost everyone has suffered from a hangover, maybe just some symptoms or all the of them, in either case a hangover is the product of a long and continuous drinking of alcohol or ethanol to be more specific, maybe in a familiar meeting or in a hard night with some friends, it doesn't matter where, but a hangover is produced thanks to the alcohol.

Let's be serious having a hangover isn't the best experience in our lives, it's all the opposite it's a complete and full torture for having a good night and our body has to pay the bill, but think about it, it should be better to go out, have some fun, knowing that you have a limit and if you exceed that limit, you're going to have a rough morning the next day.

That's why in this article we're going to be talking about: "how to PREVENT the hangover?" and if you get lost one night and you have a rough morning: "how to survive my hangover?".

There're many myths and many miraculous recipes that are in the internet and by our friends that are supposed to help but sometimes those miraculous recipes end doing more damage than soothing the main problem.

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How to prevent the hangover?

We're going to start with the "Prevention" capsule. Some of you are going to say: "I know how to prevent this, I will skip this part" but in the end more than the 75% of the people drinking in the party you're standing will have a very bad morning with a hangover, all of us end loosing the limits and start drinking more and stop thinking about the awareness of our condition.

There're several tips to help prevent a hangover, some of them are:

  • Limitation. Knowing your limits is the best ally in the party night, but we all know that each person is a different world in this subject of alcohol tolerance, but in average a normal person shouldn't have more than 5-6 beverages in one night. Our kidneys take more or less 1 hour to process one beverage, so do this simple math the next had party night.
  • Quantity. The real problem isn't how many beverages you drink, the real problem is how many alcohol you drink in each beverage, the quantity of alcohol is the main product to start cooking a nice and rough hangover. If your goal is to get really drunk in the night, keep with strong beverages, but if your goal is to be fresh in the morning maybe starting with some strong beverages and then dropping the quantity to half in the next one and so on.
  • Food. The food is your best friend starting the night, have a proper meal before going to a party because thanks to the food you reduce the absorption of the alcohol, and that means less quantity of acetaldehyde in your system, this acetaldehyde is the main enemy.
  • Mixing. One of the main problems now a day is that many people like to mix several types of alcohol causing shocking effects in their bodies and enhancing the hangover greatly. Keep the party alongside one type of alcohol this will help you to have a nice night, and in case you surpass your limit you will have a lesser hangover. Avoid taking to much "fancy drinks" with many mixtures of alcohol, just having one or two in the whole night, this drinks can help you to change the flavors in your mouth if you wish, just don't exaggerate.
  • Color. Lighter over darker drinks and types of alcohol, the lighter ones have less concentration of alcohol, giving you a boost against the hangovers, this tips also apply to the beer. Just be careful with vodka and champagne, this two can be very treacherous types of beverages, they tend to be soft and light in the start, but in some point they will strike back if you keep drinking hardly.
  • Water. This part is very important, keeping your body hydrated is priority because the alcohol makes you go to the bathroom more often causing dehydration, for each drink you take drink one glass of water, this will help you keeping the balance of electrolytes and levels of water inside your body, don't let the alcohol concentrate in your body. Try drinking sport drinks, this will help you even more. Avoid the coffee, this is a myth that cause more damage than help, because the caffeine is a natural irritant just like the alcohol in great quantities, in this case if you put more irritant in your stomach you can suffer in the morning with stronger symptoms.
  • Enjoy. Drink because you like it, not because you need it to have fun, dance, socialize, have fun with your friend but don't put the drinking first than your friends and fun.
  • Company. Always drink with people you really care about or at least you know, don't drink alone in a remote place where, if something goes wrong no one is going to be of great help, instead always keep a good friend with you, sometimes they are going to help you out and sometimes maybe you will be helping out your friend, but it's better to have someone there to count on if something goes wrong.

Ask this before you drink one more.
Ask this before you drink one more. | Source

How to survive the Hangover?

In this part, we're going to be talking about the hangover after the party and some tips that can help you make lighter the hangover at least, some of them are very easy and helps a lot:

  • Drink some water before going to bed and keep the hydration going all day long, also try the sport drinks, this are really helpful in restoring the balance of electrolytes and minerals in your body, helping the "purification".
  • Eat or drink things with high value in lactose, this will help you protect the inner system in you stomach, relieving some of the symptoms. Avoid this tip if you're lactose intolerant or have diarrhea.
  • If you have too much acid in your stomach, you can use anti-acid pills.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with smoking, and avoid smoking in the hangover at least, you need a good amount of oxygen and smoking cause damage to your lungs, making harder to counter attack the hangover efficiently.
  • There is the theory that if you drink a capsule of milk thistle can be helpful soothing the symptoms in the hangover, but just like I said, it's just and hypothesis.
  • Aspirins and Ibuprofen are helpful in the headaches but they cause more damage in the stomach irritating it, I recommend Paracetamol, this is more lighter for the stomach and helps a lot with the symptoms.
  • Take a cold shower, this will help you to wake up and enhance your senses. Some people recommend to so some exercise to sweat a little of the alcohol and then taking the cold shower. As mentioned this are tips that experienced people tell everybody.

Levels of alcohol in the BAC scale.
Levels of alcohol in the BAC scale. | Source

About the Author.

My name is David Zermeño and I bring to you this Hub about taking care of yourselves in a hard night and/or in a rough hangover. I hope you liked this Hub and feel free to comment about this tips or your personal tips and experiences, also you can help me to keep doing a good job with helpful Hubs giving me a feedback.

Thanks and have a nice party without hangover.


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    • Dvd Zermeno Perez profile image

      David Zermeño 4 years ago from Mexico

      Thanks for your comment. I hope this hub helps a lot of people in their search for a good remedie for the hangover, also I like to learn why the hangover is happening and how to efficiently counter attack it. Wait for more Hubs.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      I hate hangover, my head throbbing like a heart beat, great hub.